The Word Sh*t As Part Of A Nick?

Is it okay? When I logged on this afternoon I saw the following, and it made me chuckle: Welcome to our newest member, Holy Shit I Like Pie


I wouldn’t worry about it if I wuz you.

We do have right of approval on all user names and I do not think you’ll be seeing that one in future. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Well, at least it wasn’t an American Pie reference! :eek:

How do you know it wasn’t? :eek:

Who knows… it could have been! I, for one, do not even want to know!

I for one think that is an awesome user name, but I can also see why you wouldn’t allow it. Hehe, that may become a personal motto…


The best username I ever saw around here was Smartass. I drooled at the thought of addressing him in Great Debates. “That’s an interesting theory, Smartass.” What ever happened to that guy?

If it had been a ref to AMERICAN PIE, this thread would have been moved to the Cafe Society Forum…

I thought the fine art of cookery was also included in Cafe Society, so that would be the forum for pie in any of its manifestations.

Unless it’s in the manifestation without the final e, in which case it’d probably go in GQ. That’s where most of the [symbol]p[/symbol] questions end up.

Excuse me, Chronos, but what about the dispute on the seemingly obvious superiority of e over [symbol]p[/symbol]? I think that should go in Great Debates.

I like [symbol]p[/symbol].

I woke up in the middle of the night and started laughing because of the nick Holy Shit I Like Pie.

I think it should be allowed.

No piece of genius, even if it is profane, should be squashed.

Genius? Aren’t you belittling the achievements of, for example, a Stephen Hawking when all it takes to be a genius is to sign up with a funny nickname at a message board?

Why, yes, I am.

Actually, I don’t consider the name to be genius (and I certainly didn’t mean to imply that HSILP himself to be a genius just because he made a funny).

But I do think it is a clever name – there are several reasons it’s funny, all packed in a 5-word phrase, giving the humor lasting power. And for that I think he should be allowed to keep it. But I’m like that.

Could be a Twin Peaks fanatic.