The World Leader with the Best Hairstyle

Can anyone argue against Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi having the most awesome hair style of all world leaders??? I mean come on, that hair rocks! He looks like he should be sitting at a piano in a concert hall instead of leading Japan.

I agree with you completely. When I read your thread title, I thought, “Koizumi!”

Kim Jong-Il, baby!


Oh yes… Koizumi’s hair’s so powerful it could hold its own cabinet meetings.

Having never seen Koizumi’s hair before, I had to look up a pic.

All I can say is “Hey Koizumi! The Hair Police are at the door…something about having an arrest warrant for you on a charge of hair theft…”

I had to google Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi to see what y’all were talking about. You’re right. That man is sporting some sexy-fine hair.

Kim Jong-II, by contrast, has a bad case of helmet head.

Maybe I’m thinking of someone else. I thought Kim Jong-Il was really short, and wore this extraordinary bouffant to make himself appear taller.

Fret not, Sophistry…you’ve got the right guy.

Marlitharn’s link is to a pic of Kim Dae-Jung, former president of South Korea. Kim Jong-Il is the dictator of North Korea.

They are rather different individuals:

:smack: Teach me to indiscriminately trust Google Images to give me what I ask for.

I always thought that Koizumi’s hair is like Chairman Kaga’s. Or possibly the other way around.