The World's Most Crowded Swimming Pool

See it here. In China’s Sichuan province and supposedly not photoshopped.

Now why am I thinking of that swimming-pool scene in Caddyshack?

I shudder to think how much pee there is in that water. No one could possibly make their way to a bathroom even if they wanted to.

The game of Marco Polo would be epic.

That´s a frigging big pool though, over 200 hundred meters wide, if the old Eyeball MKI serves me well.
But still, how much water per person is there?, two, three liters tops? :smiley:

Actually, that pool looks like it still has room for a few more… compared to this one:

ETA: The above link contains a video that plays automatically when the page loads.

Jeez, those aren’t pools, they are mobs of people standing together under somewhat damp conditions.

I would think safety would be a real factor, a person could drown in that mob and not be discovered for hours.

That was my initial reaction. Especially the wave pool - unless that’s some kind of organised record-breaking event in which the participants have signed waivers etc, I just can’t understand how the proprietors of such a place would ever dream of letting that kind of crowding occur. It’s almost guaranteed to cause a serious accident.

Slightly scary images there, gang! :eek:

Well you can see why, look at the cloud of pee in front of the guy with the black hair.

You know, I never understood the point of that ‘game’ at all. . . I still don’t.

But with that many people in that li’l ol’ pool. . . there’s got to be more than just people and inner tubes bobbin’ around there. :eek: :insert bleahhhh smiley here:

Think: ‘Takin’ the kids to the pool’. . . :eek:

If they removed the float rings, the Chinese pool wouldn’t be half as crowded.

That Japanese wave pool was scary. But I bet you could really go body surfing.

Body surfing in the Sea of Humanity.

It looks like a whole bunch of the Japanese swimmers also had floats. Is there a reason people swim in pools with those things in Asia?

I guess the rings do provide a buffer for leg and elbow room. But it still looks like their swimming in a gigantic bowl of Froot Loops.

Ale, you’re thinking of the Sea of Japanity.

There’s no way I’d go in that Japanese pool WITHOUT a floatation device. I’d be afraid of getting sucked under and never resurfacing.


There is a wave pool like the Japanese pool near where I live. It’s not nearly as big, but it sometimes looks about as crowded as the Chinese pool on hot days, especially at the point where the waves get highest. It’s a zero depth entry, so the shallow end is not as crowded until you get to the point where your average kid would get his butt wet. (Looks like the Chinese pool is the same way.)

The rings are not required, but most people rent them. It makes it easier to keep your head above water without constantly jumping or swimming in the waves.

Every hour, there is a ten-minute “safety break” where everyone gets out of the pool and the lifeguards check for bodies. I think this is Minnesota law, because other pools and lake beaches with lifeguards do this too.

LOL! I almost fell for that.