The worst morning of my life (positively vile and TMI)

Try juice - orange or apple or something. The last time I was sick like you, I called my doctor on call for advice, and she said that even though I couldn’t drink water, I might be able to handle juice. If you can’t handle juice, you might have to go to the emergency room to get an IV.

Actually, I completely understand your feelings. Hope you get better.

I second going to a doctor, but have someone drive you! They may not be able to cure what you’ve got (sounds like food poisoning to me, but I am not a doctor) but they can give you something to control the vomiting and diarrhea.

The same thing happened to my and my wife, then fiancee, a few years ago.

She had spent Xmas in Florida with her parents and I had just picked her up at the airport. We were on our way from Indianapolis to Ft. Wayne to spend New Year’s with my family. About 20 minutes after picking her up, we decided to stop at Arby’s for some food. (96th and I-69 for any Indy dopers who are curious). We ate heartily and took off. After about 1.5 hours, a few miles from our exit, I get this really uneasy feeling. I pull over the car and immediately pass out. I come to to the sound of my wife trying to wake me and the sight and smell of my own puke in an Arby’s cup in front of me. She drives the rest of the way and I’m helped inside my parents’ house by my brothers. I set up shop in the bathroom as I can’t stop throwing up. About a half hour later my wife joins me and we engage in a puking and pooping contest for the next two hours.

We suspect it was Arby’s because she had been out of town for about a week and we were only together for 20 minutes before we ate and about 2 hours before I got sick. We both had something with roast beef in it. Called that Arby’s the next day and the manager said they didn’t have any complaints, but then let it slip that he was extremely short handed that day. Hmmm.

Things have calmed down a litte bit. I slept for awhile and I just drank some half-water, half-juice. Hopefully I can keep this down. I feel a little dizzy and weak, but not too much in the stomach area.

We got a call from another friend, with whom I spent all day Saturday. He wanted to cancel our evening plans due to illness. I don’t know his symptoms, but it makes me suspicious of course. I’ll see if he calls so I don’t risk waking him.

Y’know, since we’re paying for the boards now and all, it seems reasonable to ask for appropriate upgrades and service improvements. Because to me, what this thread really needs is the “odors” enhancement.

fd, hope you feel better.

Oh my :frowning: Yes, I have had something like this, about a year ago. If I hadn’t been so delirious with fever I would have had my hubby take me to the hospital. It started 2 days after a bad cold, then was followed up by a nasty case of bronchitis later that week, for good measure. I have never been so freakin’ miserable in my life. Hope you feel better, but as someone said, allow at least 3 days before you feel human again.

About 5 days before last Christmas, I was eating this absolutely disgusting Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, and finally gave up after a slice of the stuff.

I spent the next day generally puking, having the runs and not being able to sleep. I almost ran out of lemon-lime soda to calm my stomach over the next few days. But I got better by Christmas Eve.

The ironic thing? I was reading a forum about TMI stuff while eating that horrible pizza. I haven’t gone back there since.

Sounds like what happened to me after eating shrimp at Houlihan’s. Although, I wound up vomiting for almost 4 days and had 7 successive seizures caused by a combination of extremely high fever due to food poisoning and a seizure disorder. That was bad stuff. I blacked out for almost the entire week.

Anyway, perhaps you can ask a roommate to get you some gatorade or something with electrolytes and fluid in it, plus salts to retain the liquid. I hear chicken broth can help with this, too.

I hope you feel much, much better very soon.

I was just eating my dinner when I saw this:

No. No, it doesn’t.
Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better, fluiddruid. Since you are, do try to get some more juice/water or broth in you, and some dry toast if you can stand it - you don’t need the gnawing of an empty stomach on top of everything else.

Sounds reasonable. (Nice name, too ;))
fluiddruid, I agree, you might want to try various liquids. I know a lot of pregnant women with morning sickness can’t stomach water, but do fine with juice, or soda, or whatever.

Also, when you start to feel a bit better, the generally recommended diet is BRAT: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast (not all at once though).

Hope you feel better!

FD, are you having vertigo? Room doing the macharena?

Go to the ER NOW.

This sounds quiet like the runup I had before ‘They’ got to inform me that I had had 3 strokes.

Any high blood pressure? Any other symptoms? Make the call to the MD–If only to reassure yourself that something off the wall is not going on.

Even if you can’t keep it down, keep trying to drink sips of water; you’ll absorb some of it, even if it only stays down a few minutes and, awful as it sounds, it gives you something to throw up, which is marginally preferrable to dry-heaving.

Sounds very much like food poisoning; what did you eat in the 24 hours before the onset of symptoms?

Might be a good idea to see a doctor; even if there’s nothing much they can give you, if it turns out to be part of a string of cases related to a particular restaurant or something, it may be indicative of poor working practices that need correcting to prevent further incidents.

'Round here, we call it “Two exits, no waiting”, as in “I had a bad case of two exits, no waiting.”

I had a case once where I was sitting on the commode and puking in the tub next to the commode. I was too weak to pull my pants back on and had to have my brother help me get dressed and back to bed. Once in bed, I realized I was probably too ill to summon help if I needed it. Very scary.

I once had food poisoning three times in a row- once from the restaraunt where I worked, followed by grandma’s house, followed by another restaraunt.

I’m pretty sure my food poisonings are the result of my “I’ll eat anything at least once” policy.

I hope you are feeling better now.

Worst I’ve ever had was the time when I was exiting down South and realized that the North had something coming, too. Not able to think very quickly, I immediately turned around and did it in the toilet. The very full toilet. shudder

As long as we’re sharing stories…

When I was in 8th grade, my grandmother died. My family and I drove down for the funeral, of course, and stayed in my grandparents’ house, because it was a large thing with plenty of guest room. My aunt and uncle ordered a spread from some take-out place, with ribs and mashed potatos and the like, with a razzleberry pie from Marie Callender’s for dessert. I ate plenty of everything, especially the pie.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. My stomach didn’t feel good, and was feeling more not-good by the minute. I went to the bathroom and tried to drink some water, which only resulted in me throwing up. I felt a lot better after that, and tried to go back to bed… only to feel worse again. A lot worse. I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom that time, and the bedroom carpet got it.

Now, the nice thing about being a kid is that when you’re sick, you don’t have to clean it up yourself. I fetched my parents, and my mom got carpet-cleaning duty. (Apparently, there’d been a similar experience a number of years ago, and I hit the carpet then, too.) By this time, my sister was awake with the same problem, and we took turns gagging all that night.

By morning, she felt well enough to make the funeral; so did my uncle, who’d also been struck down in the night. However, I still felt shitty, and my dad gave me something that stopped the nausa and knocked me out.

To this day, the razzleberry pie incident is legend in our household.

Unless you’re particularly at risk for heart attack or stroke or something, it sounds like food poisoning.

I have a miserable anecdote to share. Last year, the morning after a superbowl party, I woke up, and everything was normal. While brushing my teeth, I suddenly puked my brains out. I figured that I had just gagged myself while brushing (i’m a pretty vigorous tongue brusher). I didn’t think much of it, and took my girlfriend to a hair appointment. I decided to browse in a nearby Borders while she was in her appointment, and it hit me like an atom bomb after just a few minutes in time. I barely made it to the bathroom before shitting my brains out - that horrible, boiling hot, pure liquid diarrhea. Yet, I was far from done. Barely finished emptying my bowels, I stood up, turned around, and puked my guts out right on top of the shit. This made me shit more, which made me puke more for about 20 minutes. When I was finally able to leave the bathroom, I thought I was cool, so I quickly exited the store and drove to a nearby grocery store for pedialite (I had heard this was the best thing for dehydration, even better and gentler than gatorade). While heading to the register with it, the hardcore dizziness hit (due to dehydration), and I tried to start drinking the pedialite right there, but I puked everywhere and then passed out in the aisle. Weirdly enough, I woke up and nobody had noticed, so I exited the store.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t even keep down water, and was in hell.

Vomit in the early morn = morning sickness.

You’re pregnant.



Some kinda funny stories here… :slight_smile: What I learned from my one and only experience with food poisoning (courtesy the cliched cafeteria meatloaf, no less) is:

-You can happily live on liquid alone for 3 days in a row.
-If your boss/manager/etc. wants you to come in after only 1 day home, they don’t know how sick you are. Ignore them, or spend the last hours of the day lying on the floor of your cubicle thankful your mom works nearby and can pick you up.
-On the plus side, the incredible pervading weakness that made shuffling to the couch to stare at the ceiling feel like an Olympic event was amazingly relaxing. I couldn’t get up to get food/tv/the phone/a book/etc, but since I didn’t care anyways, it was like being on really strange drugs.

Felt like Ca3799 for a while there too. The house could be on fire and I’d have to lie there going help! help!.. heeeelp!. Ask that roommate of yours to make sure you’re not dead every couple of hours. :wink:
And I’d make sure you can go an entire day at home w/o feeling dizzy before driving a car. Collapsing on the couch == fun. Collapsing over steering wheel == teh sux0r.

Unless we’re talking about a miracle, I doubt it!

Fortunately today I am feeling a lot better… I went to bed at around 8:30 last night and slept pretty well until my alarm woke me at 5:30. I am still pretty shaky and weak so I called in sick to work. I think it’s probably mostly dehydration, though; no signs of nausea.

I called the nurse yesterday and she recommended to take some anti-nausea medication, so my mom brought me some along with some Gatorade and soup, that seemed to help. The nurse said that it was OK to take that after you’ve had enough time to flush out any nasties, i.e. around 6 hours. Didn’t help the lower-end stuff, but oh well. At least my body started warning me before going crazy by last night.

I spoke to a friend with whom I spent most of the weekend. He became very ill with the same sort of thing (though he seems to have gotten something of a weaker strain of it, lucky bastard) within 2 hours of when I was sick! I guess it must not be food poisoning, as the only time we ate together was Sunday and that would have manifested before Tuesday morning. Looks like just a stomach bug from hell.

Thanks for all of your posts… it did actually help me out a bit through the nasty times. Though, I am sort of grossed out at this thread, too. I guess that’s what happens when you spawn a TMI thread.