The WPIX Yule Log (a tri-state area thing)

Its a Christmas memory that I still remember… the WPIX Yule Log.
It was first broadcast before you were born; it was for people with full, flush and Happy Holidays as well as those just off shift, alone & eating dinner from a can with a spoon. It can be considered cheesy (beat some of you to the punch) but it was real, once.
It was back when a small TV station, unaffiliated with major networks, took one night off / out to try to give people something …more.

There was a yule log burning on the beach for two hours on my local Fox affiliate this morning instead of what would have been, I think, the local news.

COX 11, which is just a local access cable cannel here in Hampton Roads is showing a Yule Log today, and it looks like it is an old tape. Being from NY originally its real nostalgic for me to switch to Channel 11 and see a log burning. The tape looks really old, so it may be a copy of WPIX’s old tape.

Actually, I just checked the website, and Cox’s version was taped in Williamsburg, but it was inspired by WPIX which began it in 1966.

Here in the DC area, they’re showing it on WDCW, the local CW affiliate.

It does look like an old tape, but it’s not horrible. Probably the same thing, though.

I would hope people have this on in the background because they don’t have a stash of Xmas music on hand, and this is for the ambiance. Because the other option makes me sad.

I only flipped by ours but it can’t have been that old because it was in high def.

Got this e-mail the other day. CITV is the local school district channel. Based upon the two-minute rewind every three hours, it sounds like an old tape.

Virtual fireplace on CITV
Enjoy the holidays with CITV’s virtual fireplace. The fireplace will air for 48 hours, with a two-minute break every three hours to rewind, on December 24 and 25 and December 31 and January 1. Happy Holidays from CITV