Theeeeeere she is, Miss .... ahhhhhhhh!

Andy, please, with all due respect, that’s really a tacky title. It’s sad that someone has died, without that kind of joke. Kind of like Challenger jokes or something. I’d be unhappy whichever side of the situation I was on.

Oh come on, Baker! Just because she’s a Govenor’s wife, and a former Miss America, doesn’t mean that she should be a better driver than 99.99% of the population! Shit happens. :rolleyes:
And Andy, if you’re gonna post a story about a former Miss America, you really ought to have some [swimsuit] pictures! :smiley:

I actually think the title was witty and clever. Ok, not really but once I read the OP it did give me a chuckle.

if6was9, I’m not sure what your post to me means. What I was trying to say was that the sort of “joke” that was the thread title, is cruel to both sides. Yes, shit does happen, but when a fatal accident occurs I don’t think that’s a suitable subject for such humor.

Bahahaha. What a title!

Baker, see “Homocidal Maniac on the Loose in Northeast!” See TechChick getting banned the other night. If you can’t laugh at life, all you’re ever going to do is cry!

What were Christy McAuliffe’s last words?

“What does this button do?”

Oh my god, and you didn’t post the article beneath it about Rodney Dangerfield meeting with the Raelians!

I read that in a Dee Dee (from Dexter’s Lab) voice and laughed hysterically. “Ooooooooooh!”

After I spent a half hour of looking, this was the best I could do.

What I need is for EddyTeddyFreddy and her might search-engine prowess to step in, find a swimsuit picture of Heather Renee French, and direct our attention to her chest.

I know this is frowned upon…

LOL!!! :smiley:

Gosh, even my mighty search-engine prowess has been stumped so far. The closest I got was this, but I don’t think that’s the sort of photo you were looking for.

Maybe you could pick out a look-alike in this picture?

Or perhaps you’d prefer to contemplate these chests?

Having turned that corner in Louisville many times, I can attest that it’s pretty much blinding in the morning. One of those wonderful intersections that geography and horrific civil engineering combine to render people blind in the morning.

That and the cheery fact that few people bother to wear helmets on either Motorbike or regular bike… sigh

ETF, you’re my hero! (or heroine…) :wink:

Judging by that photo, the first Miss America was a dwarf with a strength of 12, a con of 15, and a robe instead of armor.

I had read the story in the newspaper earlier, so I already knew what this was about. I, for one, found the thread title hilarious before I even opened it. :smiley: In fact, I’m still laughing at it.

To be fair to Mrs. French, witnesses said she was not at fault and that the bike rider had gone right through a red light.

That is one of my peeves – maybe that’s not a strong enough word – namely, bike riders who feel they are immune to all traffic laws, even though they are far more at risk when breaking them. I understand why a bike rider might not want to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light, but I’ve seen too many of them just blow right through an intersection without slowing down, and obviously without enough time to check traffic.