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The appliances may be gathering for a revolt.

They are always on the edge of a coup at my house. I am seriously allergic to electronics, or something. No one has bought as many washers as me. Microwaves just crap out on me. I would dare buy a counter top appliance. They last, oh, I don’t know, maybe a week before dying. I am not even kidding.

This idea would be funnier if it wasn’t the topic of a Woody Allen nightclub routine from the early 1960’s.

The track is found on the double album “ Woody Allen: Stand-Up Comic”.

The routine is called “ Mechanical Objects “ and here is the relevant part of the transcribed routine. This is NOT the entire routine, I believe this post is clear of copyright prohibitions here on The Dope.

Interesting username/OP combo. Is gas safer than electric? :smiley:

Just wait until the IoT merges with the AI and it becomes mobile via the driverless car.