When in discourse of sequential threads

Looks like the old one is more than 10K so here goes.

Things are opening up. What personal service are you comfortable to try to get?
Toilet Plume and the Coronavirus

Normally I get a Toilet Plume every month or so but I’m going to cut back due to the 'Rona.

We need a catchy name to call the migration

Have you ever heard the expression “Ass Over Teakettle” ?

I mean, I guess it’s kinda catchy …

Anyone else seriously considering leaving?
I got hired by the Census!

I see how it is, I guess you’re spending more time out of doors from now on.

What does “not wearing pants” mean to you
Beggars with Signs

They’re not wearing anything under the sandwich board.

What does “not wearing pants” mean to you?
Movie Marathon

For a certain type of movie.

Over here.

Is there any other way to interpret this? (Dating)
I’m in the market for a used truck

She’s looking for an older guy who’s, um, on the hefty side.
Or she wants to buy a used truck.

Be careful.

National Shortage of Coins?!
What’s the most interesting car you saw today?

That would have to be the Dodge Roosevelt Dime four-door sedan.

So it looks like my brother has a cat after all
That’s what ____ said

A “cat”, that’s the ticket.

Rorschach Test: Pregnant white woman brandishing gun at black women
Ennio Morricone dies!

Crap, now no one will be around to score the sequel: Rorschach Test 2: Rogue McCheddar.

Laws governing cremation remains
Insights - Potential Roommate?

A small urn takes up hardly any room. And cremains never hog the bathroom.

What color is the sunset exactly?
112 years ago today (June 30) in remotest Siberia

It was partly orange with a chance of flaming explosive death.

“CAREN” law proposed in San Francisco

What would you call a male Karen?

Karen, Karen, what is CAREN?

What song hit you like a thunderbolt when you first heard it
Now Dats A Spicey

Best Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song ever!

Sleep walking, Jello, and the scream heard ‘round the world.
The crash of PIA Flight 8303 - very strange

They never should have run out of Jello.

Agreed. There’s always room for Jello.

What are some dog whistles of the American left?
Potato juice?

I think it’s a coded slur against Irish globalist bankers.

Your MOST favourite….
International cricket rolling thread

Please don’t make me choose!

Is “Black Lives Matter” a political statement?
About the South’s glorious past

No, no it isn’t.

Do Your Friends/Family Use Message Boards?
Pistols at Dawn

Saves time when the opinions differ.

I had a burger, fries, and a cold draft beer at a bar
Anyone else considering leaving?

Not if the bar is open.