There ain't no Sauron...

…that’s just Tom Bombadil when he’s drunk!

Noted. We certainly don’t want another mix up like last time.

That’d explain why the ring didn’t affect him.

There ain’t no Sauron when he’s gone.

Only darkness every day.

You’re saying it’s just Tom lost in the sauron.

*Met him on a Monday at the Withywin
(He’s Sau-ron -ron -ron, he’s Sau-ron -ron)
Somebody said he was Tom Bombadil
(He’s Sau-ron -ron -ron, he’s Sau-ron -ron)
Yeah - he took the Ring
Yeah - he made it spin
Yeah - should have known right then
He’s Sau-ron -ron -ron, he’s Sau-ron -ron

Oldest and Fatherless: The Terrible Secret of Tom Bombadil

You know how some nice people are nasty drunks? Sauron is the opposite. Tom Bombadil is drunk Sauron!

Everyone knows Tom Bombadil’s alter-ego is Tim Benzedrine!

Tom was just a little girl’s doll. I thought everyone knew that?

Sauron however was a Maia of Aulë. He was a smith type, actually worse yet to Tolkien, into machinery and technology. Saruman was also a Maia of Aulë and even more into machinery and technology from what we saw.

That article is poorly researched. Tom was friends with Farmer Maggot and a few Bucklanders. Some Hobbits knew of him. Tom was an enigma, a person that even the elves did not know much about.

Also known as Whiskey Sauron.

That was very cool; thanks. Now I’ll have to re-read FotR to see if I agree with his interpretation.

Tom Bombadil doesn’t fit well into the rest of the story because he’s an intrusion from a different myth cycle that was only partially and imperfectly syncretized into the “One Ring” cycle.

This ain’t no Sauron
This ain’t no Dark Lord
This ain’t no foolin’ around…

This ain’t no Sauron
This ain’t no disco
This ain’t no fooling around.

…And it’s Sau-ron, it’s been good to know you,
This dusty old dust has taken my home,
And I got to be movin’ along.