There are faces in the broccoli!

I had to share this thing i found on the Consumerist website. I think it’s excellent.

Apparently, the package image on Cascadian Farms broccoli has had little faces inserted by persons unknown - presumably from the advertising or art departments.

I’ve uploaded a slightly enlarged version of the image to my webspace, and you can see it here.

Very strange and funny.

Mommy, why does my broccoli scream when I bite into it? :eek:

I count four (maybe five). Are there more?

I honestly thought this thread was going to be about food contamination, and that there was a typo in the title.

I was sort of expecting a Virgin Mary in the potato chip type of thing. I think they’re adorable.

Being the most hopelessly uncool weirdo in the known universe, I picked up a box at my grocery store today, and indeed, there are faces on it. My kids got a kick out of it. On the other hand, I got yet another of those ball-crushing reminders of my own mortality in that it was an exceedingly hard squint to make them out.

So does this mean that the “I don’t eat anything with a face” Vegans won’t be able to eat it now?

That’s good to know. My one reservation about posting this thread was that the whole thing might be some Photoshop hoax perpetrated on the Consumerist. I might have to grab myself a packet, just for fun.

And beowulff, i get the same count as you: four definites, and one maybe, near the bottom of the picture.

There are always faces in the broccoli.

I count 6.

  1. In profile to the left
  2. One centre
  3. One below centre
    4.One to right of centre
    5.One above the large white stalk
  4. One below the one to the right of centre

They look like the Osmond family circa 1976. Except for the one near the center. That one looks like Janet off “Three’s Company”.

People may be in the broccoli, but God is in the eggplant.

All dead… all rotten. Elves and men and orcses. A great battle, long ago. The Dead Mushies… yes, that is their name.

Strangely enough I once saw the likeness of of Jesus Christs face in a damp patch on a wall.

Well I say likeness,but in reality it wasn’t the face of a first century Jew but more a western european via Byzantium impression of what a gods face would look like.

You know what I mean,white skinned, bearded and with long hair rather then anything at all like the real McCoy.

But its still pretty mysterious all the same.

The broccoli version of an Easter Egg.

How delightful - I suppose it was the graphic designer just doing it for kicks.

I’m trying to recall a similar incident where something was hidden in the design on a toffee tin or something like that, and was only revealed after the guy who designed it was sacked - not even sure if it wasn’t a UL.

Save that broccoli! That WAS Jesus! Anybody know about the “Vigen mary” on that dirty hospital widow (Milton, MA0-is it in some museum somewhere?

What’s even more off-putting is that there is broccoli in the broccoli.

I don’t find it scary or creepy–I think it’s cool. Maybe there’s an entire world of people, living and hiding within the Broccoli. What would their world be like? Can they move within their spear and visit other Broccoli people? Are their last names Floret or Stalk? I bet they hate the Cauliflower Folk. Bet they vote pro-chlorophyll. (this is only partially intended to be funny–faces in the veggies intrigue me).
I am so weird.

One wonders what Wilson Brian Key would think of this.