There is a new Jack Chick tract

I know there are a few fans of Chick on here, so I’d thought I’d start a thread.

It’s a pretty balanced tract this time out, with one moment that made me laugh, and only one gratuitous homo joke.

Is he mellowing out with age?

Where? I didn’t see it, and it’s not like Jack to be subtle.

Points off for no Satan going “Haw Haw!” in this one.

4th box

What’s that animal in the fifth panel? Dog? Rabbit?

It’s Fang but I don’t think anyone really knows what it really is, not even Chick himself.

Funny, how the caricature of the Evil Arab looks a whole lot like the traditional charicature of the Evil Jew.

Panel #12:

He wants to steal the most valuable thing you’ve got.
My iPod?

Now that’s funny.

I could see infomercials for products removing sin as it’s portrayed here.

That horrible sin! You’ve tried rubbing it off, you’ve tried scraping it off…

The surprising thing about this tract is that the protagonist was fairly hot even before she found Jesus.

Of the four “phony holy men”, one is obviously the Pope and one the Dalai Lama. Who are the other two?

It’s already out. I gave this to my sister YEARS ago for Christmas:

Guy number 2 looks a little like Muqtada al-Sadr. Pic here:

By cracky, I think you’ve nailed it! The nose is off, but Chick tends to draw hooked noses on everybody, perhaps out of reflex after decades of anti-Semitic caricature.

That guy next to the Buddhist looks an awful lot like Rick Warren, only with more hair… I suppose it’s a stand-in for pop-ministry evangelicals

Seems pretty obvious that Fang is just an especially scary smallish dog. IIRC, he was first shown as making one of a pair of visiting J.W.'s (or maybe Mormons) nervous in a tract 6 to 10 years ago. I’ll check out Kurt K.'s site for the history ASAP.

BTW, everyone, the standard for panel reference is to count the cover as “Page 1”
and refer to one of two panels in a page, as in this example, as 3A.

Check out the climax of the dog-cat action in 15B.

Well, yeah… (Offhand, I can’t think of an example of some gal not being hot until “after” – Maybe you can fill me in.)

She does look a bit prettier, more confident, and even much more intelligent to me. Boy, That J.C. guy…
- Jack **** (is BACK!)**

So… ChickieBoy is anti-religion? Has he started his own cult now?

I’m glad to see the demons back. He hasn’t really done a good job with that in the last few.

Anybody else notice how the girl did not even seem to care that the cat freaked out at the demon and ran away?

Yay Fang is back! I love Fang!

Check out The Dirty Diamond, where the woman is most attractive in the last panel, after conversion.

I don’t care if you’ve washed away your sins…you are an EVIL, EVIL person for giving me another online shopping site. Evil, I say.

I was thinking Rick Warren also. And I’m pretty sure the Buddhist is supposed to be the Dalai Lama. The Pope is DEFINITELY Ratzinger.

OH, NO WAY! No way Chick didn’t see that double entendre’!

The last sight I have of the cat is it chasing Fang. It’ll be back.