There is a nudist in my backgarden..

She is a stout woman with pale skin and she wears a brown hat with a flower on it…
She has been standing there for hours now… in the backgarden…


I plan on adding a male nudist soon…
Psst… she is made of snow…
Happy New Year to you all!!!

and the nudist in the garden

Dodgy, either her breasts are askew or her bellybutton is :smiley:

Let me know when you get her companion scanned.

That’s cute. Sadly, I have never made a snowman (or a snow nudist).

You’re warped, Dodgy, warpedwarpedwarped.


I love it.

I used to make sandpeople who bore a striking resemblance to this attractive lady. Maybe they are relatives?

And yes… you’re really warped.