"There is no God" clever/witty graffitti retort

I suspect changing it to “There is no god but man” wouldn’t quite be what you’re looking for, eh?

and Mohammed is his prophet. Depending on where you live (ie anywhere in the western world these days) you could put quite the jolt in the neighborhood.

That being said, I’ve got to give **TheLoadedDog ** his props. That’s perfect.

there is no godOT

Hang on, I’m waiting to see if he turns up! :smiley:

Right under it, in large letters, add:


Too long for graffiti, I suppose, and I forget where I read/heard it, but I always liked:

“Please leave your name and number, and He will contact you as soon as He exists.”

I thought of two overnight:

but yet we still yell his name during sex

since my step-dad took away my Wii
I also have nothing against the little mopes, I respect their right to peaceably be weird. I just wish that they wouldn’t write on stuff that doesn’t belong to them!

There is no God…Except Clapton.

The is no God in TEAM.

There is no God…Og smash!

There is no god

wow deep!

–like Show God!


There is no god.

impulse 101

sv_cheats 1


Now there is God.

I’ve shared countless SDMB funnies with hub but THIS one made him laugh. :smiley: Well played, TLD.


How about writing “Are you sure you looked everywhere?” underneath.

BTW, I think TLD’s black/red thing is brilliant.

Goddamn spelling errors! :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Yes, it is.

How about “Are you sure you looked everywhere? Last week I found Jesus under the couch cushions.” :slight_smile:

^^ LOL that is good, thanks for the laugh!