There is nothing funnier than a mock nativity scene.

I can’t link to it because it requires a subscription, but the first time I saw that Onion bit with the fake nativity scene featuring Hamburglar and Godzilla and some other weird stuff was like a dream come true.

I’ve always been unable to resist the simple charm of random characters surrounding a nativity creche. I think Mr. Bean did something along these lines as well. It’s just so subversive.

A friend of mine had a giant ostrich peering over the baby Jesus this season. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m just saying…

In the movie Love Actually, Emma Thompson’s character was talking to her daugher who just got her part in the nativity play

Daughter: I’m the lobster!
Mom: The lobster?
Daughter: First lobster.
Mom: Are you telling me there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?
Daughter: Duh.

One of the other children was an octopus and another seemed to be Spiderman in king-of-orient garb.

A local plumbers office has a nativity including a neon green glowing alien. Actually, the alien makes several appearances a year, in different contexts.

Saw this on The Daily Show…

A snippet from the article:

It was a couple of years ago, I believe, that one of our posters recounted his nutty aunt and her habit of having her pet cats stuffed (after they died, of course). She would then dress them up and arrange them into a nativity scene, using a stuffed black cat as one of the three wise men, and, IIRC, a stuffed chipmunk as baby Jesus.

Anybody else remember this?

I should really put one together for the family tonight. I need suggestions.

Shopping list:

[li]One standard traditional nativity set[/li][li]One happy meal[/li][li]Assorted Teletubbies[/li][li]Assorted plastic dinosaurs[/li][li]Little metal cars[/li][/ul]

What else?

No nativity scene is complete without a 18"DHIBJD.

Hm, maybe I should use my Matrix character plushies and arrange them into a Nativity scene at school. Neo and Trinity can be Mary and Joseph. Agent Smith can be Baby Jesus. The three agents can be the three wise men. And of course, my stuffed animals…I wonder what my teachers would say.

And as an afterthought, I don’t understand why the Vatican is making such a big deal out of this…

A ninja turtle. Wouldn’t be Christmas without Donatello.

Or perhaps one of these.

The best description of the retelling of the nativity story is found in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. I laughed until my ears hurt.

A 1920’s style Death Ray, naturally. Haven’t you learned anything?

Oh, and a bunch of calamari. With lollipops. And a goat. :smiley:

Actually, come to think of it, there’s a variety of blowup dolls on a page somewhere on the Rotten Library. More than enough for a nativity scene, except for Lil’ Baby Jesus.

There’s always the Baby Jesus Buttplug.(yes, linky)

Maybe some MacFarlane figures. Like from the “faces of madness” or the “tortured souls” lines. You could have Naomi Armitage as Mary, a T-800 as Joseph, and pop the head off a “Spawn” figure and glue it onto a baby Jesus body.

In our family Nativity set, we added a little Santa & Reindeer Sleigh years ago. In recent years, I’ve added little plastic dinosaurs, Xena, and just this year Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Dora the Explorer (with B’day Party Hat, Cake, Boots the Monkey & the Weasel).

I’m looking for a little Karloff Frankenstein.

When come back, bring frankincense, myrrh, and pie.

How appropriate that Tentacle Monster makes this comment.

I vote for a Cthulhu doll, a blow-up doll, and perhaps a more ‘clean fun’ oriented blow-up toy like a big shark or something.

But to make it Christmasy, make sure it’s the Santa Cthulhu

As I mentioned in the Madama Tussaud’s thread a week or so ago, I’ve replaced the traditional figures that came with my nativity set with action figures the last couple of years–characters from Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 mostly, plus Dana Scully and a few hobbits. Include Capt. Sisko as Santa, and it’s a very festive holiday scene!

Some nutter went and attacked Mde Tussaud’s nativity scene last week, so it’s been taken out of public view. Pity, I thought it was hilarious.