There is one more eccentric aunt in the world today

My sister gave birth to her first child, a 10-pound baby girl, this morning. Everybody’s healthy. :slight_smile:

I will work on being a proper eccentric aunt. Any pointers from Dopers on eccentric-aunt behavior are welcome.

Congrats! I became an aunt for the first time last October and my nephew is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life:).

I haven’t done anything crazy, but that’s only because I don’t want them to pay me back when my kid arrives next month :smiley: . Otherwise, I’d be all over the eccentricities.

Congratuations! Speaking from experience, aunthood is the shiznit!

On a sheer monkey-hindbrain, Richard-Dawkins-get-out-of-my-head level, there’s really nothing like cuddling a little bundle of squirming protoplasm that contains some of your DNA (“Who’s the cutest blob protoplasm in the world? Why you is! Yes you is!”) without have to endure nine months of gravitude, or labor! Hurray for no labor!

When my nephew was four, I bought him an electronic drum set.

Don’t do that. It will make your sibling hate you.

On the other hand, I also bought him a Sit-N-Spin, which made me his favorite person in the world for fifteen whole minutes.

Congrats on your new acquisition! :smiley:

Er, so I looked it up after I posted, and the actual word is gravidity not “gravitude.” Carry on.

Well, you might try pulling out a loose corset stay in a restroom in Minneapolis like my Aunt Nevie did. And have it get stuck two-thirds of the way out and come out of the rest room with the stay flouncing the back of your skirt fetchingly as you walk through the hotel lobby.

I doubt my sister could outdo me in the eccentricity department- I’m the crazy one in our family :smiley:

Hmmmm… do you think my wearing sandals with white socks might be almost as bad? :wink:

I’m not an aunt, but I’d be the perfect weird aunt. The one you don’t know if she’ll give you a quarter or smack you upside the head if you do something mean but funny to your sibling.

My boyfriend has two daughters, one aged 13 and one aged 5. My best friend has a 5 year old. My sister’s boyfriend has a 4 year old. I belong to all of them as their weird “Auntie Tasha.”

Loads of fun. :smiley:


Sugar and rough housing. Preferable right before you leave. Wind 'em up and let them rip!!

On a slightly more serious note, treat them like people. Listen to what they have to say. To a three year old, having an adult REALLY pay attention to them (not just play with them) can be the coolest thing ever.


(Do I remember correctly that you posted here when you found out your sis was pregnant? You were SO excited!!!).

Being an auntie is pretty cool - I have two goofy nephews whom I love so much - it is so wonderful seeing these little miniatures of my brother and his wife …