There Must Be Something in the Water--A Congratulations Party

Well, here at the SDMB, it appears love is everywhere. Many happy couples announcing this and hinting at that–it’s all very exciting and interesting.

However, there is one couple that I have a particular personal interest in. They do not flaunt their love here, they do not interrupt threads to flirt incessantly and yet, their love is as pure, amazing and magical as I have seen.

They are truly a wonderful couple–and I should know. I just happened to have a hand in getting them together. It is something I am quite proud of, seeing how in love they are. (I’ll let them tell you how they got together! Besides, they are two of the coolest, sweetest Dopers you’ll ever meet and I am honored to call them friends.

Since this is such a great community, I know that all of you will be as happy and eager as I am to congratulate and wish well this great couple.

Tracy and Paul*, I am so glad you guys have each other. Based on how in love you are now, I know you will make each other happy for years to come. Congratulations on finding love, guys. Hold on to it and cherish it–you don’t get many chances like this.

Now, commence with the congratulatory festivities! Champagne for everyone!

*This would be our fearless Gang O’ Wimmins leader, tatertot and our own studly Irishman, Damhna.

On my reading of the song, this is about as apropos as it gets…

Very happy for you both ! :slight_smile:

Moderator Notes: Sorry L_C, I had to edit that one for copyright reasons. The link displays the full lyrics.

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Psstt, London_Calling, I had permission! :wink:

So, no more vague hints? No more hush hush?

No more secret groping behind the gymnasium after school?

Congrats, kids. First round’s on Coldy. :wink:

Nope, no more sneaking around–they’ve been outed for good! And I hope they’ll be in here later today to accept their well wishes!

And like all things involving me, it’s a very, very, very long and involved story which I promise to tell all of y’all after I’ve had my coffee.

Or I might let Damhna tell it…sometimes I let him talk, too. :wink:

Bethie, thank you so much for annoucing our little secret. And I have to tell you again how very grateful I am to you for introducing us to each other and for your unwavering support. I’m not sure I could have made it without you.

Like I said, coffee, then the whole ooey gooey story.

Coldy you promised you werent going to tell!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Congats you two. Glad to see you’re out of that damn closet. It must have been getting stuffy.

2nd round’s on yojimbo :wink:

Hmmmm…I was gonna start telling the incredibly sweet, romantic story of how we met, fell in love and through sheer determination and against all odds have started building a life together.

However, I think the whole “secret groping” thing would be tons more interesting. Cheesy Poof? Damhna? Care to share? :smiley:


If it weren’t for you I know I wouldn’t be the insanely happy guy I am today. I owe you so much so thanks for everything you’ve done for us both.

2 Large Mudslides coming your way, Tracy and Paul!!!
Tracy, I’m stockpiling ingredients for your world famous whitethrash dip for when your gonna get over here.

I digress. Tell us the story Tracy. I’m not too sure the kids could take listening to Coldy’s depraved ventings :wink:

Okay, this is going to take awhile, so I’m going to break it into smaller pieces.

First the background:

Me: At the time I was living in Heidelberg, newly separated from my husband (yet, due to a screwed up situation still having to live with him) and had no idea where I was going to go after the divorce and how I was going to support myself and TinyTot.

Damhna: He was living in Dublin and waiting for his divorce to come through.

So…as you can see, we were both at the right place and the right times in our lives for romance. <wry grin>

Hehehe, Bethie and I first noticed Damhna when he posted a rather ill-advised drunken thread attacking Twisty. At the time, I had no posting priviledges (another long, involved story), so I had to make due with talking about him behind his back with Bethie and idly speculating about his looks, character, ect.

Meanwhile, Beth wrote Damhna to find out what was up and did he really have a problem with Twisty (he didn’t). Somehow I came up, and she sent him the link to Poofy to show him what I was like.

So, he goes to see Poofy, he’s very impressed (well, he never came right out and said it, but I’m assuming he was) and sent in a form to get his degrees of Poofiness rated.

I have to admit I was somewhat intrigued by Damhna, so I might have been the teensiest bit flirty when I wrote back. Then he wrote back…and I’m not sure how to explain this, but from the beginning it was as if we were the oldest and dearest of friends.

To be continued…

  • please count me in among the “Damn, it’s good to see you out in the open!” crowd, and I’ll sure as hell be honoured to buy you a round, too.

tater, you so deserve a break and some happiness in your life. And so you got it. Congrats, sweetie! Damhna, you are one lucky SOB. Be good to her, or the Dutch/Danish “tatertot happiness enforcement team” will come pay you a visit. :wink:

I’m so happy for both of you. Ain’t love grand ?

S. Norman

Say, has anyone considered a “SDMB transatlantic romance league” - we really should lobby for cheap airfares, lower int’l phone rates and complete abolishment of emigration laws for SDMBers in love

It wasnt an attack par say, but more of an old style duel over not having a doper shindig over Christmas. He was quite drunk at the time, and I had a good laugh at him challenging me to a spelling contest over the internet :wink:

A league implies that there would be matches and scores…

I really dont want to go any further with that, lest things get unmitigatedly filthy… :wink:

Please carry on,Tracy!!

Don’t I know it :smiley:

I’d like to elaborate a bit. Be good to her, and the Dutch/Danish “tatertot happiness enforcement team” will come over and buy you copious amounts of Guinness. :smiley:

Congrats you two! :slight_smile:
Isn’t it funny how the SDMB effects our lives?
Tatertot…I know you read what I had posted in the Secret Crushes thread-not quite ready to name any names yet. Partially because I’m not sure if he’s ready to admit it and partially because I’m not sure if I can quantify my feelings in words.
But suffice to say…I’m one happy hardygrrl.:slight_smile:

Oooh Ooooh Oooh! I can finally say this, too: The whole spelling challenge was my idea! MINE!!!

I thought it was funny because neither one of you can type at all.

Um, I am going to continue the story promise…got to do my morning chores first is all. :smiley:

Sniff…now I’m getting all choked up thinking about what a swell, romantic type guy Paul is.