There's Plenty of Room in This Great Big Wonderful Box For All The Crayons

Dang - now I gotta go look for my crayon box when I get home… I think we got the Big Box (64) but not the Big Honkin’ Box (96)…

When I was a mini-Poli, I had metal recipe box with daisy contact paper on the top as a crayon box - full of all the stubs & castoffs. Didn’t get a brand-new box until sometime in second or third grade, i think.

I didn’t know about the lightbulb trick - tho we did burnish - take a scrap piece of paper & rub it across the drawing to blend the colors & get better coverage.

Reminds me when a friend & I got all our coloring implements - crayons, paints & pencils - & made abstract collages with the colors we best thought suited our personalities. I think we were in our junior year of high school… I wonder if it’s still around somewhere?

Yes, Soda, you can buy a “refill pack” (not sure if your “green-grey-blue kinda blue” is listed or not…

{Can’t seem to get a good direct link - visit the URL below & look for “Where can I order Crayola Crayons in bulk colors/sizes?”}

In the average kid’s crayon box (size doesn’t matter):

black is the first to be used up.
followed closely by red.

I don’t remember the rest of the order.

Queen of colour checking in here:
They got rid of my beloved colours to replace them with new “trendy” shades.


Now they have a color called “” no lie.
Raw Umber is a real hue in the art world. wolf is NOT.

Puce is a mix of brown and purple. NOT a copper.

worse still, is that the color palette is not evenly distributed.

some places do sell “crayons by the each” btw. you can have a WHOLE box of Vermillion (the one true name for red orange)if you are so inclined.

dont get me started on how SPOILED today’s kids are:

scented crayons
glitter crayons
glow-in-the-dark crayons