There's Something About Merry (work-related rant--long)

This is driving me insane. Before I have a nervous breakdown at work, I must must must rant about this.

Merry is the girl who works in the morning at the animal hospital. I work in the evening. I never work directly with Merry, but I do get to deal with her aftermath.

Merry was, until mid-January, the only person in the office who could schedule a surgery. The reasoning for this was that a long time ago, before I had started working there, that there were mistakes being made and animals having surgery without vaccines, which is a bad thing. Merry took over the scheduling to make sure that this wouldn’t happen. It was still happening, along with mistakes like animals being scheduled for the wrong surgeries (animals that weren’t supposed to be declawed were, male animals were scheduled to be spayed, animals that had never been seen before–vaccines or not–were being scheduled for surgery, etc.). Because I would work at night and call the surgery appointments the night before with pre-op instructions, I would find many of these mistakes. By the time I found some of them, it was too late to deal with them (especially animals not current on vaccines–those need to be done about a week prior to surgery). It was also very inconvenient for our clients to only be able to schedule a surgery between 8 am and noon, Monday through Friday. If someone called after that time or when Merry wasn’t there, we had to leave a message for Merry to call back (which happened maybe 50% of the time).

So…we have a staff meeting. Great. Fine. Merry speaks first and complains that because night shift isn’t pulling the charts of the people that she is supposed to call for surgery or that call her for surgery, she just doesn’t have the time to pull all of those charts and so there could be mistakes made because of that. Ok…that seems like a really stupid complaint, but whatever. I say my piece that there should be someone else who schedules surgery in the evening–that way our clients don’t have to wait for a call or play phone tag or take their business elsewhere. Everyone in the office thinks that is a good idea but Merry. Well, majority rules and I got nominated to schedule the surgeries in the evening.

Now all through the mid and end of January and February, I’ve been scheduling surgeries. I haven’t made a single mistake. I’m proud of that. In that timeframe, I’ve caught mistakes that Merry has made. I went out of my way to correct them as soon as I see them. I even started a policy of initialing surgery appointments so that if there is a mistake, someone is held accountable.

Flash forward to the next staff meeting. I make the suggestion that there should be a special place for patient charts that are scheduled for surgery by the doctors, so that someone can make sure that the animal has a nametag and kennel card in the chart. Merry went ballistic at that suggestion. She then went on to bitch at the staff meeting that there are too many hands in the surgery book (yeah–hers and mine) that she just can’t keep track of everything in there and therefore can’t take responsibility for anything in there. She also says that there are animals scheduled currently for surgery that aren’t current on vaccines and blames me because “she [referring to me] hasn’t been trained how to even do this.” Now, I was pissed off. That was a personal attack against me and how I do my job. I haven’t made a mistake. If there is a surgery scheduled for an animal not current on vaccines, you can bet your sweet ass that it was Merry who did it and not me. After all, my initials are all over everything I schedule. If I make a mistake, I will own up to it. How could I not? I initial off on my work.

Well, since then, every day I have to go through all of the surgery charts that should be ready to go–Merry has been putting random files in there, or misfiling those charts, or taking out kennel cards and nametags so we can’t id the animal in surgery. Just a bunch of little things that make me mad because it takes time out of my day–time that I could use for other things. But it’s stooped to an even lower low.

Because I am also the person in the office responsible for closing out the month, and sending out bills and receipts that were never picked up, she has started fucking with that. Tonight I found three different charts that had balances due for medicines dispensed and nothing written in the charts. No medication was noted as dispensed. No payment was recorded. And the only info that I have is that Merry is the person who rang them out. Merry knows that the office policy is no billing, especially with prescriptions. If someone can’t pay for the meds, they don’t get the meds. And these bills weren’t small–one was $90 for two boxes of Advantage, one was $70 for a year’s supply of heartworm pills and the other was $68 for a bottle of Rimadyl. And I have no idea if she dispensed the meds or just was pricing them or holding them in the computer or if she let people walk out with that much merchandise. And that pisses me off.

So Merry, I would love to say a big heart-felt fuck you, you stupid-ass, incompetent, worthless waste of human flesh, guppy-fucking, black rotten toenail licking, puppy kicking, jujubee for a brain, you smell like yak urine in a tropical jungle, bitch ass ho assmuncher. I hate you and I want you fired. I want your children to get so hungry that they kill you and eat you like a member of the Donner party. And if you need to take another two days off work to clean your house, I will take a serrated plastic butter knife, come over to your house, and cut you several thousand times until you literally do have a bloody fucking mess to clean up. Gnome humping whore.


Run Merry run!!!

Sorry ghandi. But that last paragraph was at least a 5.98!!! (or do we score differently than ice-skating here in dopeland?)

FTR, I do hope she gets fired soon!!!

now THAT was funny. :smiley:

I can sympathize, I’ve been working for years with someone not unlike the Merry you describe…only more useless and annoying.

Is there a supervisor that you can speak with about this? At the very least so that if Merry decides to bring up how “incompetent” you are at the next meeting the higher-ups will know that she’s full of it. Sounds to me like she’s planning to do something like that…blame you for all of her mistakes and/or for medicines that were improperly handled or given out or whatever. Can’t be too cautious around people like this.

Anyway, good luck. I hope things get better.

Actually, yes. The doctors/owners of the practice know about every single mistake of hers that I have caught. I don’t go to them in a whiny “Merry did this” way; I tell them about things in a “I found this mistake, here are my suggestions to fix it and here’s my reasoning for blaming Merry for the mistake that I’m fixing.”

However, if she attacks me like she did at the last staff meeting, saying that I’m untrained and that mistakes are my fault, I am prepared. I did tell the doctors that I have a list of every mistake that she has made, and I will pull those charts with documentation of me finding the mistakes and me fixing mistakes and throw every single one of those charts at her head. Just a warning for everyone else to duck.

Where do you work? Because I NEVER want to take a pet of mine there. (Not because of you, because of Merry)

What I want to know is how Yak urine made its way into a tropical jungle without contamination and how exactly you would recognize the smell?

There has got to be one hell of a story behind that I reckon.

Merry sounds like a real shit. I am grateful I do not have to deal with a co-worker like her.

best of luck to you,


Wow, I’m not the only one that knows a Merry…