There's Something Wrong With This, It Seems To Me

Okay, some of the locals decided to do a rather nifty anti-war protest here in Nashville. They performed the ancient Greek play Lysistrata (which has wives telling their husbands that they’re not going to have sex with them until they end the war), but what gets me is that they did it on the steps of the Parthenon, which is a replica of the Greek temple devoted to the warrior goddess!!! I can kind of see the connection, Greek play, Greek temple, but uh, considering who’s inside, it strikes me as being a bit strange that they would choose to perform it there.:dubious:

Yes, Athena was a goddess with a definite martial aspect, but was was hardly all about war. As Athena Parthenos, she was also the Athenian polis’s patron and the goddess of respectable wisdom:

From The Parthenon.

Yeah, but I mean there is a 41’ tall statue of her inside the temple carrying a spear and wearing a helmet, not seated at a loom, and many of us tend to think of her in her more war-like aspects. Admittedly, it’s not like they staged the performance outside of a replica of a temple dedicated to Ares, but still…


Mmmmm… delicious irony…


Do you guys just have a lot of Greek temples sitting around to choose from, for things like that? They probably did it there because it would get more attention and they didn’t have too many good choices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you could ask Nashville to build a temple to Aphrodite?

Actually, look closer. She’s holding the shield, not the spear. And her other hand holds an angel with what appears to be an olive branch. Just because she’s a warrior doesn’t mean she doesn’t prefer peace.

Is that the only temple you guys have? How do you sacrifice oxen to Apollo?

We do that during halftime at Predators games, Legomancer. Sheesh, can’t you people figure anything out for yourselves? :wink:

Hmmm. I’ve been looking all through my copies of the Illiad and the Odyssey, and I can’t find that quote anywhere. :smiley:


That’s not an angel, it’s the goddess Nike. The concept of angels was wholly unknown to the Greeks, and whilst the spear isn’t in her hand, it’s propped up against Athena’s shoulder. And maybe if we could convince Bud Adams to let us sacrifice a few oxen before a Titan’s game, we might win a Superbowl.

You should just sacrifice Bud Adams before the game. :smiley:

Just kidding but he’s not well loved here in Houston.

That’s okay ~ we have the TEXANS now!!! and a new arena to boot so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand people sometimes. Leave it to those crazy hippies to do something like that. :smack: