Therese Galloway

I’ve had numerous opportunities to choose a signature for myself. There was even the time when I summoned Unca Cece. I think I’ll try this one for awhile if y’all don’t mind. However, this is just a test. Many thanks guys for putting up with me.


That’s why we test things. I could’ve sworn I clicked the box down there. Let’s try it again.

Allright, that’s better. Not too long I hope. :slight_smile:
It’ll be comforting to know that folks can help me keep the journal alive by adding a comment once in awhile. I’ll see y’all later. Luvya much… t/k

I hadn’t seen that before. What a beautiful thing.

Sorry A/R…it started last month here this thread will catch you up on the terrible roller coaster ride that’s been mine for the past several weeks. I thought I’d link the journal rather than burning a bunch of the “Dope’s” bandwidth on a thread that I would probably keep going for too long.
BTW Thanks for the sentiment. It means a lot right now.
regards, t/k

I knew about your loss, I just hadn’t realized you started that online blog.