#TheResistance turns to self-harm


I wonder if he’ll get fired, or promoted. Seriously though, what a disappointment he must be to his students.

Why? Did he refuse to push back the due date for some term papers while he recovered?

I read this article and think that this person is probably suffering from a mental illness. But you’re right, it’s funny shit, thanks for posting it!

Still, we have to consider what this means. Is this, in itself, the utter collapse of the so-called “Resistance”, or just the first in a series of death spasms?

I don’t know about you guys, but I am now a Trump supporter since some guy shot himself.

Also self harm to protest war has been used before. Vietnam had several self immolations.

Fasting is a form of self harm to show protest.

Self harm to show protest isn’t wrong per se, but the way this guy did it wasn’t really that wise.

An old man failed at his suicide attempt. LOL!

This thread is disgusting.

If it was a suicide attempt, it was the most incompetent one ever. He shot himself in the arm (with a .22). This was more of a dumb hunger strike (with a side of felony charges) than a suicide attempt.

I have very little doubt he’s suffering from a mental illness.

#alllefties ammirite?

It was a suicide attempt and incompetent. Therefore it’s hilarious.

You have said yourself that you believe he is suffering from mental illness.

Please, please, please stop mocking the sick old man for being bad at suicide. It is beyond gross.

What makes you so certain it was a suicide attempt?

This just reinforces something I already believed; mentally ill people shouldn’t be able to bring guns into a school.

That’s probably not the lesson the OP took away from this.

A mentally ill old man shot himself after he wrote a suicide note.

Dear Lord, as if we needed more evidence that the right is absolutely odious now making fun of the mentally ill is apparently funny

You interpreted “for the janitor” as a suicide note? I took it to mean “I’m going to make a mess when I shoot myself in the arm, and have to go to the doctor afterwards instead of stay here and clean up the mess I make, so my apologies, here is $100 for your trouble”.

ETA: $100 to clean up some blood, sure. $100 for finding a corpse hardly seems like a living wage.

Can’t say that I blame him, the despair when Trump turned that hurricane into a plain old storm…

This is seriously distasteful, dude. Like, what the fuck?

Maybe he needs a few trump supporters to show him how it’s done.

Maybe he should’ve blown up a federal building, that’s not an entirely unreasonable way to protest Trump is it???

CMC fnord!

I have no idea why everybody seems so surprised at the utter lack of class and empathy that posting this the way it was posted demonstrated.