These Are, Quite Literally, Some Crap Toys

Yes, it’s the plush Pee & Poo dolls, just the thing for introducing your sprog to the concept of bodily functions. Other goods available featuring the characters include T-shirts, key rings, socks, fake tattoos and “pre-soiled underwear,” according to an article in today’s Metro. Apparently they’re a big hit in Sweden.


::wipes tears from eyes, again::

That is just bewdiful. Gotta love those Marketing Concept folks looking for a new ‘niche’ to squeeeeeeze the last dollop outta.

Pet Rocks, Pet Poo…yeah, I can see a market in that. :smiley:

I foresee the product placement of these dolls in this movie.

Why do I picture these toys doing a musical routine in front of a mesmerized four-year old?