These Dairy Queen ads are kind of amusing - "We blow bubbles with kittens inside them!"

Ad 1

Ad 2

I first misread the topic title as annoying, and came in to agree

then I re-read it, and now I must disagree

They’re ok, not too bad, but I feel the ripped off the Old Spice commercials.

God, I hate that guy! I wanna punch him in the throat!

Thanks for posting this, I needed my cute kitten fix for the day.

I thought they were amusing. The kittens in bubbles were very cute. I want bubble kittehs. The do sound a bit like they are copying the Old Spice commercials.

My first thought was to worry about all of those kittens who will suffocate inside Dairy Queen’s cruel transparent prisons. Then it occurred to me that if they pop the bubbles with their claws, they will fall and hurt themselves. Way to go, Dairy Queen!

Hmmm, that’s why I like the commercials. I just hope the bubbles float really high.

Even without suffocation or falls, the kittens look lonely in there. :frowning:

When I first saw that ad I immediately thought that they were targetting the Doper demographic.

Adorable? Yes.

But the cats won’t hurt themselves 'cause they always land on their feet, right? :wink:

I like it. I’m calling it kitubbles.

How I will use this new word in conversation?

I like this mac ‘n’ cheese casserole more than kitubbles!

It’ll never work. You’re just thinking in kitubbles.

One more kitubble story on the news, and I’m going into diabetic shock.