These guys are scum of the lowest order

I don’t even know where to begin with the sort of people who would bilk somebody’s grandmother out of their life savings. Plus the corrections officials who knew they might do this again when they were released from prison the first time and did nothing to monitor their activities. This makes me sick.


100,000$ on dance lessons?

I feel badly for those people getting swindled and all.


100k for dance lessons!


“All but two of those contracts were obtained by use of a relay sales team, a practice of subjecting students to two or more sales representatives on the same day, as (is) prohibited by the Dance Studio Act,”

Florida law includes a Dance Studio Act?

I thought this was going to be a thread about lawyers! Lawyers take your money and don’t even teach you to dance! :smiley:

Fuck the sig.

It’s sort of like the War Powers Act or the Volstead Act. Only different.

Apparently. Even weirder, it’s administered by a branch of the Florida Depatment of Agriculture. Mashed Potato, anyone?

Folks, if your elderly parents answer “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question “Would you spend $100,000 on dance lessons?” it’s time to get power of attorney.

We studied a famous case like this one in my contracts class last year, Vokes v. Arthur Murray, Inc., 212 So.2d 906 (1968). And guess what? It’s a Florida case. The case’s fact pattern plainly describes how the poor woman was milked out of her money:

The case goes on to describe how she was consistently given false praise while simultaneoulsy being offered membership in better programs. By the end of the story, she was up to over 1600 hours of unused classes. But hey, they made her a “gold member” at the dance studio. (Hmmm…I wonder if this case inspired the Dance Stuido Act.)

Maybe I’m cold-hearted, but if you live on Social Security and max out your credit cards to spend $30K on dance lessons, I can’t feel too bad about it.

What were you thinking?!

Yeah, that sounds fishy. I mean, I feel bad, but COME ON! How stupid can you be?

As I understand it, there is the initial fee for the lessons, then there end up being fees to enter contests, etc, then there are costume, travel and lodging fees tacked on to that, etc. So it’s not like they say “$10,000 for dance lessons? Sure that sounds reasonable!” They sign up for the lessons then get strong-armed into the other stuff because it’s hidden in fine print and the instructors are slimy sweet-talkin’ pimp-types who give the lonely little old ladies the impression that they’re in a romantic relationship and are going to “score” with the young(ish) handsome instructor on these overnight trips. Bleah. Yeah, scum pretty much sums it up.

You know, my grandmother is 83 years old. She lives alone for about 8 years now since my grandfather passed away. She was once young and beautiful. Now she is still beautiful to me, but in a different kind of way. She can be feisty, but it’s a huge exaggeration to say that she is as sharp as she once was. In the evenings she can get confused and tends to forget things.

Now I don’t know that she wouldn’t smack one of these guys in the mouth if they tried to pull this crap with her, but then again she might be charmed, initially, and perhaps later, scared. Maybe embarrassed that a grown woman could make some mistake by signing a contract for a little too much money. Certainly confused at this point. This guy is her friend, after all, isn’t he, and he has always been so nice to her before. Reminded her of how beautiful she is and doesn’t she just dance better than all of the other ladies, why she is just a step away from being the best.

These creeps are preying on the loneliness and sometimes helplessness of older people. They are skilled at finding the weak and the lonely. They are charming, but at a turn can be ruthless. They know how to work someone’s conceits against them. Yes, old people like to feel good about themselves, too, and they push that button. And in some cases I am sure that the victims involved had no idea what they were signing on for or getting into. I don’t believe that thinking is the issue here.

Okay, now I understand.

I thought they signed up for dance lessons paying up front. Never mind.