These men's UGG boots are about the stupidest things I've ever seen

Link here

I really wonder what was going in the shoe designer’s head.

“Lets make a men’s insulated winter boot, but just to make it special I’ll put it on top of a 3 inch platform! Yes! Genius!”

This is just the thing you want to be tottering around in cold or icy winter weather.

I dunno, to me they look very cushiony and comfortable. The more rubber under my cartilage-free ankle, the happier I am. I’d consider a women’s version if not for those dorky vent-looking things on the sides of the soles (and black, not brown).

Well, at least they’re up front about it. Ugg indeed.

That’s all right; they’ll be clogged solid with mud after the first few miles!

A big platform like that is great in slushy, muddy, wet weather, like we have right now. When there’s 3-4" of ick covering every street and sidewalk, platforms are the win.

Just like the flashy pickup trucks that will never haul so much as a box of nails home from the local Dome Hepot, these boots were never intended for wear in so much as a manicured city park.

I don’t know, they sold it to women. And they ate it up! A more impractical piece of winter footwear would be hard to imagine. Even named it Ugg so no one should be shocked to discover they are ugly! Currently popular worn with shorts! What? Warm enough for shorts, but cool enough for boots - at the same time!

Why wouldn’t it work on men too?

astro, you say they “put it on top of a 3 inch platform” then you go and quote the specs that say 1 1/2" platform. Just sayin.

“This is just the thing you want to be tottering around in cold or icy winter weather.”
>“Durable HOKA ice traction rubber outsole for world-class functionality.”

I guess I don’t get the problem. They look like pretty normal boots to me. What the heck is so impractical about them?

Meh. I was expecting some kind of 12 inch retro Elton John platform monstrosities with tropical fish swimming around in the acrylic heels.

Yeah, rather than a plain brown winter boot. I dislike the fur trimmed UGGs but this is a totally normal boot. Really don’t get it.

I dunno, I have a pair and find them quite comfy and practical (they aren’t the all-suede ones, though - they are an all-black, shorter version of these.) With some silicone waterproofing stuff, they are just about as practical as any leather winter boot out there, and much warmer and more comfortable than most. And that’s what I care about. I just wish they weren’t too tight now with my current pair of orthotics.

ETA: and I sure don’t wear them with shorts. I don’t understand that trend either, but hey, it takes all kinds, I guess.

Those are platform bedroom slippers

This is a boot

The heel lift on a normal men’s boot is about 1- 1.5 inches from the bottom of the heel to the footbed. This boot’s heel is 2.75 inches from the footbed to the bottom of the heel because of the absurd platform cradle the boot sits on.

Look I know how things get picked to pieces around here but an extra inch of heel height can’t be remotely close to the stupidest things you’ve ever seen. It’s actually kind of useful when you’ve got a lot of slush and or water.

CarnalK: Yeah, a bit of hyperbole.

I Googled “Stupid Boots” and, among the many examples, this one kind of stood out.

The Roman Cowboys are a very underserved market.

I can’t. stop. laughing. oh my goddd whyyy

You’ve just described a huge chunk of women’s boots. Are they all stupid, too?

Fashion boots no, a 3 inch heel on a men’s boot touted as a foul weather winter boot, yes (IMO) it’s stupid.

[Wow. These things really exist.](http://men’s platform shoes acrylic fish)