These telemarketers must be sent by my mom.

“Hello, Mr. Wolfman this is Fake-name service calling on behalf of we-think-you-are-a-sucker-inc I would like to tell you about the exciting vacation you and your spouse have won to exciting Las Vegas or…”

“I don’t have a spouse”

"Your fiancee is welcome to accompany you to …

“I don’t have a fiancee either”

“Do you have a partner

“Umm no”

“Well any live in significant other is qualified…”

“I live alone…”

“Most relationships of a serious personal nature…”

“I don’t have a girlfriend at all”

“Are you planning on entering a relationship soon, as the departure date is not until…”

“Uhh thanks anyway” click.

That was the most resourcefull and influsterable telemarketer I have ever heard. They must really be pushing it to get as many suckers before the No-call list is enacted. I considered telling her I think my dog is very special to me to see if she could work with that.