They Always Come Back or Meet Sober Gazelle

Nope, I haven’t been around in a while. It’s a long story, so here’s the short version.

On February 13, 2005, I hit my spiritual bottom, shortly after having my last drink. Seriously considered suicide.

Emergency room (hours) --> Psychotic Ward (1 day - no room in Depression Ward) --> Depression Ward (3 days) --> Inpatient Treatment (30 days) --> Home/Outpatient Treatment/90 AA Meetings in 90 Days

I have 135 days today, along with most of the literature, a sponsor, a home group, a willingness, and a genuine love of “the program.” Trying to find a new job and living with the Hell that I’ve created in my current job… So much easier to deal with this situation sober, lemmetellya.

Anyway… I knew I’d be back someday and today’s the day. Had to check in at my old stompin’ grounds before posting a GQ… Had to come back; you guys are the most knowledgable M-Effers I know.

Any other friends of Bill W. out there?

Great news! I am one too. My hospitalization followed a roughly similar patern to yours starting a year ago. I am still here and sober a year later. It hasn’t been easy and there are still things to work out but at least things are headed down the road to normalcy rather than the path to doom.

Welcome back. I hope thngs continue to look up for you.

Welcome back, and congratulations. I had been wondering why we hadn’t seen you in a while…

I am lucky enough to have had no personal experience with addiction, but regardless . . .

Welcome back, congratulations, best wishes, and all that jazz!

I’d missed you too, Gazelle. Glad you’re back, and glad to hear things are looking up for you.

Thanks for the well wishes, Shag, mhendo, and EthyBoBethy.

My mom’s got almost 14 years under her belt, so I knew a lot about it ahead of time… Never thought I was an alcoholic, though. It took a CD assessment (in the hospital) and a score of 7 out of 7 to make me realize that.

Welcome back! It just keeps getting better.

twicks, sober 19 years, 6 months, and 7 days

Welcome back Gazelle. Another great thing about this place is that you have Dopers all over the world pullin’ for ya. Go Gazelle!

Welcome back. I was wondering where you’d run off to.

So, when are we doing lunch again?

Welcome Back! I always enjoyed your posts.

I’m so glad to hear from you. I thought about you every once in awhile, especially if there was a running thread around. While it’s sad you went through a rough spell, it sounds like you’re on the rebound, and that’s a good thing.

Welcome back, gazelle! Glad you found the help you needed!

13+ here… keep on keepin on …

Be true to yourself and stay strong one moment at a time.

Just curious, where does the “Bill W.” code originate from? Heard it on Entourage last week for the first time.

Missed you, friend. So very nice to see you back again.

One of the principles of AA is, oddly enough, anonymity, so members will identify themselves outside “the rooms” as “friends of Bill W.,” for Bill Wilson, the founder (with Dr. Bob) of AA.

I’m (relatively) new to the boards, but I wanted to say congratulations on your sobriety, and welcome back to the boards.

Echo that. :smiley:


Bill W: