They are letting people go

This isnt a rant, I’m actually scared. Upper management is letting people go today. There are supposed to be 6 people, and I only know the actual names of four. My department hasn’t been hit yet.

I understand the need to lay people off here, our company isn’t doing so well. We have missed our numbers for the last two months.

I wouldnt mind so much if it was me, because I would qualify for unemployment and I have a part time gig on the weekends. But I need my health insurance.

I am very anxious. I have, in fact, the screaming mimi’s. Really, they are running around my office yelling their heads off. My heart actually hurts from the anxiety. I am going to give myself a heart attack one of these days.

Shit shit shit…HR just went into my bosses office and closed the door.

Been there many times but it never gets any easier. Oil & Gas is typically cyclical and we’ve come to expect the periodic layoffs but this downturn seems to be hitting a wide range of industries.

Hang tough and best of luck to you.

I’m in manufacturing, in California. Quite a few companies have been bailing out altogether due to the costs of running in this state.

The boss is now missing completely.

Thank you for the well-wishings.

We let 30 people go last week, well 29 last week and one on Monday. He was on vacation and they layed him off the day he got back. Poor bastard.

They just did a round of layoffs here, but no one told me about it, so I wasn’t worried. The supervisor called me into her office to tell me I wasn’t being laid off…That was the first I heard.

Anyway, try to stay away from your desk. Spend a lot of time in the bathroom and break room. They can’t fire you if they can’t find you! If you can sneak out, they might forget by Monday or lay off someone else…

Wishing you Luck and sending warm thoughts your way.

Good luck, mah brother! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.
I’ve made it. I just got out of a meeting that seemed positive. Seems that I am going to have purchasing and spec responsibilities as well as my norm customer service. Gee, can you tell which departments got the boot?

It is going to be alot more work, but the experience and training is invaluable. And it will give me more control of my customer’s accounts, so that is positive. My boss is no longer my boss, but he is still with the company. Instead I will be under someone that I have worked with before, the man that originally hired me. So, we will see how things go. I like him, and he is a fair boss.

At any rate, thank you all for the well-wishes.