They blew up my shoes!!

Well not mine but I feel so sorry for this dude.

The worst part is that after they determined that the shoes were harmless they blew them up anyways. How the hell is he going to be reimbursed for his shoes?

That’s bloody idiotic.

I blew up my shoes once, though. I was still wearing them at the time too. Fun time. :smiley:

Self-heating shoes?

Suicidal sandals?

Wicked wingtips?

Boots that go ‘boom’?

I don’t feel sorry for the guy. You lose most of your rights to privacy when ya go to the airport. But I agree with Wonko . . . Self heating shoes??

Hell, he can have my warm shoes.

Only a man would have this kind of shoe problem. A woman would never deliberately put a bomb in their shoe, or even some sort of “heating device”! You don’t hear of any Manolo Blahniks ever getting blown up, do you?!?!

Once when I was a little kid a department store escalator ripped the bottom off of my shoe. Kinda ironic, since it was the very store where my mom bought them! They gave me a new pair.

I flew to NY in December a few days after the shoe thing happened. Of course, I was the only one who hadn’t heard about it, so I wore shoes that had a 2 inch sole on them. They took me out of line, asked me to take off my shoes, and didn’t give them back for 30 minutes. Everyone else who was being checked got theirs back in minutes. Maybe they liked mine and were admiring them? I almost missed my plane, but at least mine weren’t blown up.

Same thing happened on the way back. Next time, I’m wearing sandals.

Pretty common for folks with Raynaud’s.

The last time I [dreamt that I] had trouble with my footwear at an airport it was because [dreamt that I] used some cheap, plentiful hashish oil to shine my boots. That little dog loved me. [Or so I dreamt.]

Now I have to fear losing my heated shoes if I wanna fly? (I imagine that chemical ones might be slightly less of a problem.)

But still.

In the Cabela’s catalog, you can find heated sox and gloves. Heated shoes are no surprise. Beat cops and security guards will clamor for them, not to mention hunters and ice-fishers.

But not your right to your own personal property.

Sometimes you do, if your property violates their security.

But it wasn’t violating their security.

Yes, I know the OP said the same thing, but I wanted to give the exact quote.

The police are men. Give them some explosives and they’ll find an excuse to use the explosives. :slight_smile:

It might be a liability issue. By destroying the shoes as a hazzard, there is no responsibility to return the shoes to the owner or for paying the owner for the shoes.

Imagine trying to sell shoes to the public that airport security will try to blow up or at least confiscate! Bet this guy won’t mention this little incident to this potential customers.