"They Needed Two Songbirds in Heaven"—Gwen Verdon & Julie London

Just read their obits in the Times. Who will Cry Me a River now, or cheer on those Damn Yankees?

wasn’t Julie London married (at least for a while) to Jack Webb? or am I mixing up torch singers?

I remember how Bob Fosse’s loving portrait of Gwen Verdon in “All That Jazz.”

Don’t know about Jack Webb, but Julie was married to Bobby “Route 66” Troupe. Later they starred in Emergency together.

Can’t believe she’s gone…

Married to Jack Webb for 5 years before getting her kicks w/Bobby. Webb was the executive producer of “Emergency!”

Gee, Eve, I saw the obits this morning, and thought of you. Of course I also toasted a bagel this a.m., and thought of you. Tied my shoes, …

Dinsdale reads about a dead woman … and thinks about Eve.
Dinsdale ties something up … and thinks about Eve.
Dinsdale puts a bagel (an obvious Freudian symbol) in the oven … and thinks about Eve.
Eve thinks about Dinsdale … and files a restraining order.

:frowning: I remember seeing Gwen dance - she was nice,
but Julie - That woman had a voice!


Little Nemo.
Thank you.
You are definitely my kind of disgusting pervert!