'Thick as a Brick' used in a Hyundai commercial, NO!!!!!

Just saw it, guess IA needed salmon eggs money…

Was it an impossibly long commercial?

No, but it was impossibly stupid.

I just saw this, too. Yet another ridiculously moronic ad that seems to believe that people of all ages, races, shapes and sizes get so whipped up into orgiastic frenzy over the appearance of a new car that they must follow it wherever it goes a la frenzied N*SYNC fans. Yech.


Grrr, once they started using The Who for Nissan(?), it was all downhill.

Of course, I suppose using The Beatles to sell sneakers was the first and worst blow.

Well, the commercial is set in a medieval-looking town. So, perhaps Thick as a Brick is actually based on a medieval tune. Or that’s what I tell myself in an effort to keep from going completely insane. :rolleyes:

Well, you said you want a revolution …

People remember the Revolution ad, but no one seems to remember that Nike later used “Instant Karma!” in another ad campaign.

My wife, who is unfamiliar with Tull, thought it was a Celtic folk song.

And why is this a shock? It’s not exactly a new trend.

I found it amusing as hell once I realized what song it was.

I mean, it’s a song about someone who’s an idiot and a fool because they follow all the trends and judge themselves by fashion, right? The song mocks anyone who would buy a car for a commercial. Hilariously ironic, especially when one considers that it’s likely the ad execs didn’t even bother to consider what the song was about. They probably just said, “Hmm. Sounds old Irishey. We can use it!”

I hope Ian is laughing all the way to the bank.

I nearly screamed.

Goofy note:

I have a photo of Ian looking very sheepish, holding up a sign that says “Hi, Stoid!”, only replace Stoid with my real name, which is almost as unusual.

Acquaintance of mine was dating his drummer and knew what a Tull freak I was. Made him do that for me. Wasn’t that sweet, yet stupid?

And I have always adored Tull. At least up through “Songs from the Wood” I think it’s called. Love 'em or hate 'em, you can’t ever mistake a Tull song for anyone else, or vice versa.


Everybody sing along with Hyundai.

“Your sperm’s in the gutter, your love’s in the sink…”

i have to echo what J Corrado sez. i am a Tull fan and love that song. i never really analyzed it too deeply, but i always figured it was kinda dark an not too pleasant subject matter.

these bozos just stick it in whatever and hope no one notices. i cracked up when i saw the ad.

and i ain’t gonna buy thier crappy car!

Good Lord. That’s like using Christmas Song to sell eggnog.

In fairness to IA, I do remember an interview in which he said that he had no idea that they were using “Locomotive Breath” to sell beer until a friend saw the commercial and told him about it. So it may not be his fault, exactly.


It’s bad, very bad.
But it’s not nearly as bad as using Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On? in those Radio Shack Commercials!

You could do a whole thread on inappropriately used songs.

[li]Ronald Reagan’s use of Born In The USA[/li][li]Mercedes Benz using Janis Joplin’s Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes BenzA chemical company (I don’t remember which one) had This Land Is Your Land featured in one of it’s commercials.[/ul][/li]
If you keep repeating the lie, it becomes the truth.

I laughed long and hard the first time I saw that. I’d like to think that there’s a subversive ad exec giggling maniacally somewhere, knowing he put one over on the moronic Hyundai suits who liked the pretty flute.

I’d really like to think that.

Heh. Can’t think of the product, but the commercial using “Fortunate Son” is particularly inappropriate. The first thing that jumps into my head when I hear it is “It ain’t me”, which is hardly what an advertiser would want a consumer to be thinking about their product.

Uh, where do I sign?