Thigh gaps

I believe i am in a very, very large majority of men who hate thigh gaps on women. They are one of the worst things a woman can have.
Does anyone actually like them?

I don’t.

I was just watching White Christmas with my wife, and noticed Vera-Ellen had a thigh gap, and she was a leading lady way back in 1954. It’s not just a modern thing apparently.

I think it’s not a matter of how much men like them but rather creating an artificial standard of beauty that is overplayed in the media and then some women then feel they must live up to.

I am pretty sure Marilyn Monroe had no thigh gap at all and it didn’t hurt her career any.

Damn - something else I will start to notice now.

Also known as “factory air”

You know what? Some women are skinny and have the metabolism of squirrels. They can’t help it any more that large boned women who are well muscled and have slower metabolisms.

You’re allowed to like or dislike any body type, to each there own. But can we all just accept that women come in freaking different damn shapes. And not hold one as an ideal or any to be condemned.

I have a thigh gap and always have. Because I’m a skinny girl. I didn’t ask to be and its not the measure of who I am. It’s not something to be sought after any more than its something to be condemned for.

So piss off!

I kinda like thigh gaps myself.

I want my woman to wear corduroy pants without the risk of bursting into flames.

Women are supposed to have a certain level of body fat; today’s anorexia-obsessed culture has apparently decided that this is an indicator of sex appeal, when in fact it is obviously the opposite. (There’s the old joke that many sex symbols, like Marilyn Monroe, were several sizes to big to meet today’s “standards”).

To get totally sexist, the appeal of women to men, evolutionarily speaking, is that they have the hips and body fat to support child-bearing. Women who are too thin likely do not appeal to a significant number of men, including myself and OP. Thigh gap may be the result of natural thinness and wide hips. Women come in all shapes and sizes, none of them “bad”. It may also be deliberate, the result of excessive under-eating or it may be the result of cosmetic surgery. OTOH, one theory says that much of women’s effort to look good is more one-upmanship (one-upwomanship?) between women than for men. After all, ask a guy what some woman wore yesterday, he won’t have a clue; ask another woman, she’ll tell you all the details.

I file it with tattoos and body piercing as some sort of body obsession that makes no sense and probably does not appeal to a number of people; bust some do it anyway.

On the other hand, those without thigh gaps can’t sneak up on you.

I like men with thigh gaps. :slight_smile:

“…natural thinness and wide hips…”

I have hips like a freaking snake. When low rise pants come back into fashion I have to consider suspenders!

“…do not appeal to a significant number of men…”

Women come in every shape. Naturally. And different men like different shapes. Naturally.

You should piss off too, And your theory!

I’m a man, and thigh gaps don’t bother me one way or the other. shrug

Now, if the reason she has a noticeable thigh gap is because she’s skinnier than a holocaust survivor, then yeah, that’s a bit of a turnoff to me. But hey, ugly people deserve love, don’t they? And I’m no beauty contest winner myself.

You know what else I hate on women? When their second toe is longer than their big toe. I mean, does anyone actually like longer second toes?

You know what I hate? Breasts that are size [whatever]. Does anyone actually like breasts that size? I think we all agree that those are some ugly-ass-bitches there. AmIrightguyz?

The older I get the more I realize many of my lifestyle choices are of dubious value…

Not me. I’ve never noticed them before and probably won’t again. The OP makes about as much sense as if he had said “I believe i am in a very, very large majority of men who hate detached earlobes on women.”

(Plus, this is in GQ??? Reported for forum change.)

November 2015.
I’m with elbows on this topic.

The problem isn’t the actual thigh gaps, more the obsession with them.

Personally, I really like men with small ears. Oh yeah, and freckled shoulders make me weak in the knees. But back to the ears… men with big ears should do something about that.

A thigh gap is not just about body fat, but also goes back to other factors of anatomy. That’s part of what makes it such a dangerous thing to be obsessed with - there are some people who simply don’t have the body structure to achieve it at any weight.

My personal preference? A thigh gap is kind of hot, if only as a visual reminder of how men and women are different down there. But I don’t like a body shape that’s too think overall, and I’d happily give up thigh gaps for a nice set of hips. (In fact, with most weight loss commercials, I wind up thinking the ideal weight, for my preferences, was about fifteen or twenty pounds before the “after” photo.)

My experience is the same as many generals - “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

I don’t care what you like or don’t like about women, when meet one you click with and the chemistry’s working, nothing else matters.

Personally, I say forget your “preferences” - they’re for adolescents. Be a man and look in her heart, not her thighs.