Things a wife won't do?

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Dating is difficult . . . people get nervous, they want to make a good impression, they’re afraid of being hurt and/or rejected. The footwork gets tricky at times, and probably nowhere as much as it is at the end of the first date.

I can’t speak for all women, but speaking for myself, I want to know that my friend on the other side of the date had a good time . . . that he finds me interesting . . .attractive . . . alluring . . . unless it’s obvious that we’re not tracking at all and then I just want it to be OVER.

That does not mean I want him all over me, but if he is interested, a sign of that interest would be useful. And vice versa; if this is someone I want to go out with again, he’ll know it. If the guy is being oblique, it’s hard to know WHAT’s going on, and I tend to think the worst.

And let’s be real here, there is some double standard that’s, well, standard. A lot of men would be thrilled to find a woman that was experienced, friendly, open . . . but at some point in the fun they start asking themselves “if she’s doing this with me, a guy she hardly knows, what (or who) else has she been doing?” At that point, the woman gets relegated to the “call her up for a good time” list and that’s the end of anything serious. Usually the woman has no clue, because he told her how open minded and experienced HE was.

Here’s a sample conversation between my sister and her husband, a few months after they were married . . . (as related by my sister, way after the fact):

HIM: “Ooh, honey, that’s so . . . amazing. . . you’re so good . . . HEY! WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT?”

MY SISTER: “Um, I . . . read it in a book! Yeah, that’s right! Saw it in a book!”

At that point they had lived together for a few years and were married already, so what was the deal?

Is this one of life’s little mysteries? Just the way guys are? How does a woman who has not spent her life before she went out with this guy in a convent cope with this?

Just curious.

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You know, this is not so strange. For many men, it’s a need to be able to bragg about having had many partners. They see it as a competition.
At the same time, they are afraid of being compared with other men, a feeling of not being adequate for the job.
So ideally, they want to line up a long row of virgins, to up the number, but not being compared.
I for one have always been grateful for the girl to learn from others, but have to confess to not really respecting a woman who goes to bed with me the first night. Then again, I don’t respect myself either and it usually leave me feeling empty…

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