Things in inappropriate places

I’m in the middle of defrosting the freezer, mopping up melted water with a sponge, and checking the Dope, and what do I find ?

A pubic hair, frozen in time, in my lovely freezer :eek:

How did it get there ? Who’s pube is it ? Actually, I’ve just decided I’d rather not know.

I remember a friend’s older brother coming home from his girlfriend’s house, and smiling. He had a pube stuck in his braces… on the other hand, that’s not an inappropriate place, just bad timing, because his mum walked into the room and spotted it.

What things have you found in a place that wasn’t the most appropriate ? Don’t restrict yourself to pubes though :wink:

Does leaving something out of the freezer overnight count? One time I grabbed a popsicle and meant to eat it that night. I left it on the counter and went to bed. The next morning I discovered it in liquid form, most of it still in the plastic wrap, but some of it having leaked out onto the counter, leaving a stain in its wake. The stick was also floating in the bright red/orange fluid. I had no time to deal with it as I was getting ready to leave for work, so I had to leave it there all day and clean it up when I got home.

I found myself at work this morning, had me puzzled for a while as i couldn’t really remember how I got here.

My fav. surprise is coming home and finding that SIL has locked my cats in my bedroom because they were annoying her. With no way out, no clean water, food or KITTY LITTER!!!

For some reason Dawn thinks that the corner behind where I hang my wedding dress is a perfect litter spot.

Kendra on the other hand tends to prefer Leechboy’s clothing (which I think is the perfect revenge/lesson for a person who never puts anything away).