Things men treat better than their wives?

I was watching a program on tv & this question came up. The number one answer was their stereo. Im not married & I don’t have a stereo, but would like to know what wives think their hubs treat better?

not a wife but:

DIY tools?

Were you watching Family Feud (Fortunes) by any chance?

hmmmm, let’s see:

the cat
the laptop
d&r before he arrives :smiley:*

The dog
The snowmobile
The cabin


see that adaptor over there, don’t touch. don’t put a napkin on my laptop. you can use the mouse for the laptop, but don’t type. I’m counting & I’ll be back in two minutes…

There are certain parts of my wife that I’m sure I kiss much more than she does.

their mistress?

The bass guitar, acoustic guitar, saxaphones, banjo, violin, organ…

But, I don’t have to sit in a case or get dusty. But they seem to get a lot more play-time than me.

Ahh, thee Jealous wife of pseudo-musician

I was in a bar and overheard a good old boy state the three things you don’t mess with in his life, in order, were:
1-Mah truck
2-Mah dawg
3-Mah boys

He then went on to state that you could mess with his wife, but if you messed with any of the three “you better pack a lunch” (which I assume meant he would be beating on you so long, you’ll need a lunch break?).

The remote. Don’t F’ with the remote. Honor thy remote.
Yes, “the remote” gets alot more action than many wives. I’ve substantiated my submission.

Caffeine_overdose got it right.

Football and my plants. Oh Gawd! I hear it all the time…if you only paid that much attention to me…

No matter how many times you try to argue that football comes for 3 hours once a week and that I’m with her practically 24/7, she never seems to understand that I really DO pay more attention to her. Just don’t try to talk to me when there is a fumble…

Rest assured it is the dogs that get the premium treatment around here. His take on it. The dogs don’t give him any sas back. They are always there listening and never talking. And the dogs don’t have any honey-do-lists.

his tools, his tools, his tools. Mostly the handtools.

“Were you watching Family Feud (Fortunes) by any chance?”

Nope. Now that I recall, it was Dirty Rotten Cheater.

I have seen guys treat their cars better & often the wives have to watch,

My testicles.