Things people in the US are absolutely sure of but are completely unproven.

I agree!

I don’t

I am absolutely sure that the OP got eaten by the server.

–Green Bean, citizen and resident of the United States of America for almost 31 years now.

Yeah? Prove it.

Er, wait.

Oh yeah? Prove it, Yankee! :wink:

I am absolutely sure that lno will burn in hell.

Let’s help the OP along, shall we?

  1. Cotton is the fabric of our lives.
  2. Rasslin is real!
  3. You deserve a break today.
  4. The universal desire to “be a Pepper too.”
  5. GWB is not only president of the USA; he’s also a member.

Bounty IS the quicker picker-upper, DAMMIT!
Anyone who doesn’t believe that is a Commie.

Footballs are not round dammit. They are oblong!

Capitalism is the only workable economic system.

Every other country is just jealous.

Socialism and communism work alright, they just don’t work as well…yet.

That the only way to see the U.S.A. is in a Chevrolet

Certs is a breath mint!

But you’re not in the US. Phew, the thread title saves me!

Pork. The other White Meat.

Beef, it’s whats for dinner.

But this has been proven. Haven’t you seen the commercial?

Baby. The other other white meat.

Lucky tastes good, like a ciggarette should.