Things people in the US are absolutely sure of but are completely unproven.

Long Pork, the other other white meat

oh, thats disgusting!

Actually, it was Winston that tasted good (like a cigarette should).

I’m Canadian, so does my absolute belief that Americans fuck up all the time (see above) count?

That must have been Ghostbusters 3: Who Ya Gonna Eat?.

That a tax cuts actually cut taxes (when you have a big national debt to pay off already). It’s called a “loan” folks.

Not all that different than making the minimum payments on you credit cards and thinking you’re doing well financially.

Bryan is right about Winstons. But one thing i do know is:
Lucky Strike means Fine Tobacco

Canada doesn’t really exist.

Coke is it.

Do you mean America Jr.?

Galen, dammit…come reclaim your thread!
It’s getting out of hand up in here!

Screw You! Canada is the best part of Deleware.

It’s on TV; it’s gotta be true!

There’s a good reason to drink bottled water.

Your congressman cares what you think.

Tanning beds are safe, just like the real sun.

You can buy a product that keeps your skin from getting older.

England is just a conspiracy of cartographers.

The IRA is a charity.

It’s not? :confused:

Hint: It’s two, two, two mints in one!
Okay, you’re a bit too young to remember that old commercial…

“I didn’t have to pay any taxes, I got a refund.”

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!

McDonald’s food is edible.

I thought you had another idea for mints. You know if you put it on certain a certain female body part it’s quite an interesting feeling?