Things people will blame on "liberals"

I have two groups to pit here:

(1) The idiots described in this story who expelled a student from an education program because he wrote a paper espousing corporal punishment in school. I mean, just, wow. That is SO WRONG. Even if you’re 100% convinced that his position is wrong and evil and cruel and idiotic, well, you’re EDUCATORS. Educate him as to why it’s wrong. Convince him. Don’t EXPEL him, for that or ANY expression of thoughts and ideas, perhaps barring some grossly extreme case of race baiting, child porn, fighting words or something. My goodness. I’m hoping that this turns out to be some kind of misunderstanding.

(2) Anyone who reads that story and blames it on “the liberals”, as if liberals are small-minded idiots who can’t deal with diversity of opinion, free expression, or the marketplace of ideas. It’s possible that whoever made that idiotic decision is, in fact, more or less liberal. It’s possible that he or she is not. But in any case, that type of action does NOT represent liberals as a whole.

Things people will blame on "liberals"

What is, the decline and fall of western civilization, Alex?

Sad, but true. Liberals will be blamed for that, even though western civilization has neither declined nor fallen.

Pshaw. We all know it was the lead in their drinking glasses that made those Americans go crazy :wink:

I guess it doesn’t cut both ways. The school is under no obligation to demonstrate an openness to a different point of view expressed by Mr. LeMoyne.

I wonder what would have happened if I had written my paper on invading Mexico at LeMoyne…in Spanish (or not).

Q: Things people will blame on "liberals"

A: The screwups created by conservatives.

This liberal thinks it’s reality tv. Or Ashlee Simpson.

Mr. LeMoyne?

Who’s he? Honestly, this issue is confusing enough, based on the fact that the OP and the link only refer to one side’s part of the story. LeMoyne is the name of the educational institution that appears to have declined to re-enroll the Masters candidate.

And now I can’t even get to the story without registering.


This thread dovetails perfectly with the thread about studenst not knowing anything about free speech. People complain about the students’ lack of intrest/understanding, of something they are not allowed to have (free speech and independent thought). Oh the hypocrisy.

Why not wait for someone to read the story and blame it on “the liberals” before pitting them? What is the purpose of pitting them in advance?

Why not pit those who will read the story and blame it on “the conservatives”?

Sorry. I meant the student, Scott McConnell.

Certainly this, the erosion of confidence in the First Amendment.

That’s ridiculous. Western civilization fell in 432 C.E.

Oops. 476.

Shhh, don’t tell that to the renaisance.

Well, it got better.

Because the teacher’s name was USAMA?

I usually don’t care for non-contributing responses in threads, but THAT was fuckin’ funny!

I was gonna blame the Rosicrucians. Or maybe the neo-Syndicalists.
Wonder what would have happened if he’d written a paper that advocated paddling the instructors?