They aren't liberals. They're idiots.

I don’t agree with columnist Michelle Malkin, especially considering her recent book arguing that the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII was a right and proper thing to do. However stuff like this disgusts me. In my mind, they’re no better than Fred Phelps and Jack Chick, and are about as bright. They give conservatives open season to point and crow about how liberals are the real racists. While I’m open to the possibility that some of the mails were written by someone wanting to smear their opposition, I have (sadly) no doubt that most are genuinely meant.

Damn, but it would be nice if the only morons were my enemies. Too bad it doesn’t work out that way.

I agree that the Philipino comments are stupid and racist but the “whore” language in itself (and there are some letters which only call her a “whore” or a “prostitute” without going to the racial garbage) comes within a context of The Armstrong Williams payoffs and (apparently) Malkin’s defense of it. I’ve called pundits and politicians “whores” before. Usually they were white males. I don’t know that I would necessarily stop and consider a person’s gender or ethnic background before hurling such an imprecation because I would mean it so figuratively. I think its possible that at least some of these emails did not have any racist intent.

Screw the ones that went to the Philipino thing. though. I guess there are fucking morons everywhere.

If that’s the reason, they’re even bigger idiots than I thought, considering that the reason I was reading that particular part of Malkin’s blog in the first place is that she’s completely outraged at Armstrong and the harm she feels he’s done to conservative pundits (especially minority conservative pundits like herself), not to mention the Bush Administration for doing something so ham-handed and obviously unethical.

Plus even if not racist, the language of the rest was pretty tactless, crude, and STILL unworthy of self-professed “liberals.”

I’m confused then. Why were liberals angry at her if she went after Armstrong Williams. :confused:

I’m kind of out of the loop on this, I don’t read her column.
Are you sure these emails didn’t come from Bushies upset that she criticized the administration?

Yes, I’m sure. Like I said in my OP, I’d considered it, but then realized that no political affiliation is free of morons.

I’m fairly sure that the e-mails were a demonstration of why she hated what Williams did so much. She was accused of being a “paid whore for the Republicans” even before the story broke, and now that it has, the accusations have doubled, because everyone knows that non-whites can’t be conservative, and those who are must be “traitors.”

No, In her column (which you can link to from Leaper’s site), she says that the Williams thing will hurt minority conservative columnistsm, and that, because she’s a minority and a woman, she gets accused of “selling out” because she’s conservative, and criticized more than a white man would. As she says in her column:

Then she goes on to describe hate mail she’s gotten that references her gender and race. She then goes on to say that the whole Williams thing will just increase the perception that minorities who are Republican or conservative are “selling out”.

Liberals making her race and gender an issue? It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m a pretty conservative gal myself, but in no way, shape, or form do I believe that those comments are characteristic of most liberals. Or conservatives. The way I see it, racism and plain ol’ asshole-ism are not party specific. And my conservative “brethren” who point to those comments as typical of liberal sentiments are idiots too.

Stupid fucks, the lot of them.

While I don’t condone any of the racial slurs used against her, no matter which side they might be coming from, her complaining of “racist diatribes” is a bit surreal. This is, after all, the woman who wrote a book in defense of the internment camps and is a proponent of racial profiling in general.

In other words, she’s a complete and utter disco-psycho-bitch-from-hell, but her race has nothing to do with it, and should be left out of any ad hominems tossed her way.

I think there aren’t enough disparaging remarks or derision in the universe that can be heaped on top of this vile animal. She openly and cheerfully supports and attempts to justify, not only what most Americans consider a shameful event in their history, but one that was found to be illegal and for which the U.S. government wound up paying restitution. How is using the term “Filipino” in a derogatory manner any more offense than the hatred she writes entire books about? To me, she is no less of a hypocrite than the imams who live in the west and preach hatred towards western values. If she had been around in the 40’s, she would have been able to personally enjoy the policy she tries to champion today. I wonder if she’d still be singing the same tune.
I can see how writing letters of that sort only give these animals more ammunition. But I hope each one of those words cut like a razor blade. Unfortunately, being a whore (media or traditional) means she’s probably quite inoculated towards them.

Fairly horrific, that. I wish I had some idea about the identity of her detractors, e.g., do they identify as minorities themselves in some cases? I’m reminded of Harry Belafonte, who referred to Colin Powell with a racial slur (“house boy”), leaving my jaw on the floor. It was completely uncalled-for, and thoroughly inappropriate. Whatever the faults of Powell’s dynamic in the White House, race wasn’t a factor, and Mr. Belafonte should have known better than to speak in such hateful terms. I think it’s legitimate to express confusion about one’s political alliances, given one’s race and the role of race in politics; but to simply attack those who confuse with a racial epithet is corrosively self-defeating.

Has anyone confirmed that she’s actually gotten a flood of racist hate mail? Or could this be a big whoosh to stir up fodder for a column or three?

I think she definitely should get the benefit of the doubt. I am certain that she gets a lot of racist mail. Maybe 10 percent from conservatives who don’t like her criticizing Bush, the rest from idiots on the left. It’s like they’re so vitriolic that the political line has turned back on itself and they’re extreme leftist fascists.


“Has anyone confirmed that she’s actually gotten a flood of racist hate mail? Or could this be a big whoosh to stir up fodder for a column or three?”

I don’t doubt that they’re genuine in the slightest. I’ve read threads on moderated liberal boards that have far worse things to say about Ms Malkin. Some of the unmoderated ones are just unreadable, the racism and misogeny is just too thick.

Even on a fairly large and diverse board like Fark the last thread about her contained no less than 30 comments calling her a stupid bitch but a hot asian piece of ass. I’d hit it and all that 12 year old boy trying to sound tough crap. Worse yet going back and looking at the posters history I found most of them were late 20’s to 30’s liberal hardliners. Not young kids at all.

Get used to it, not all loud-mouth idiot racists vote R.

Republicans love a martyr. Oh, that poor poor delicate flower, such a victim from all sides, by the whips and spears of the Romans - I mean, the Liberals …

Without her racial/gender identity, Malkin would be just another of 1,000 anonymous bloggers hacking away in the shadows. It’s because she shows her non-white face that she gets all the linky-linky and the notoriety that follows. Minority conservatives are glamorized and popularized because it gives the Republicans something to point to when they talk about their “big tent”.

Now if you want to see some hateful crazies, let’s see some of Maureen Dowd’s hate mail. Or Paul Krugman’s. Or Michael Moore’s, etc. etc.

Whoop-de-shit. Malkin gets racist hate mail. So does every other columnist who reaches a significant audience. No party has a monopoly on idiots and racists.

I write a weekly column on emerging media trends and such that is decidedly non-political. It’s not exactly an offensive topic, nor do I address it in a way that reasonable people would find offensive. And you wouldn’t believe some of the hate mail I get. I reach only 40,000 people a week or so, mostly professionals in some area of the media business. No death threats or anything like that, but I’ve been called a “dumb cracker” and have had enough swear words thrown at me to make even this Nu Yawka blush.

If you’re a columnist, you get hate mail. And if you handle it in a mature way, you don’t share it with your readers to show how tough you have it, or to show how “liberals” can be assholes too. Like I said, no one party has a monopoly on racists and idiots. I’m sure she gets plenty of crapola from conservative Republicans too.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Malkin’s blog is a recent endeavor of hers. Her newspaper column predates this by some years.

I certainly am not going to say these comments are in any way representative of the liberal position. However, they do come from some self-professed liberals. Every political movement of any appreciable size is going to have its share of idiots, and this is just one more example of it.

Maybe some of you folks might remember this the next time someone paints conservatives as evil and hateful because of the comments of one of “our” idiots.

How the Hell can anyone argue that? I mean, logically, the German American Bund was far more active than any organization among the Nisei, and there was never any push to intern German Americans. :rolleyes:

Other than that, this is just more proof that there’s no cause so right, so just, that it won’t have fuckheads joining it.

Or Molly Ivins’.

It wouldn’t surprise me if women pundits received the worst hate mail. There seems to be an undertone of sexism/sexual frustration driving certain of these “writers”. You can pick up on it in some of the response to Ann Coulter’s stuff.

A reasonably attractive woman who disagrees with me?? Time to whip out really vile and denigrating language, apparently.

Actually, there was an active effort by the Japanese government to recruit spies and saboteurs among the Nisei, and a few of them did engage in this.

Also, there were restrictions, curfews, and even internment of some Italians and Germans during the war.

Not to defend internment, mind you. But this issue wasn’t quite as cut and dried as you make it out to be.