Things that made me happy today - A pointless post

Watching my daughter play in the snow.
Driving to work with no other cars on the road.
The home made cookies my wife made for me to bring to work.
Getting lunch and dinner catered by work.
Running into an old friend online.
Listening to my wife and 5 year old have converstaions while I tried to sleep.
Remembering my gloves today.
Paul Hymen on Raw.
The quietness of the falling snow.
My coffee.

Mmmmmm…coffee makes me a very happy tater indeed.

The sun is shining this morning, I’m talking to evilbeth and planning my day. My son gave me a great big smooch before he left for school and only complained once about not bringing his gameboy. I’ve got great friends who love me and since last week was officialy the lowest of my life, it can only go uphill from here.

Yup, I’m happy. :smiley:

Getting to leave work early cuz of the blizzard
Talking to Rashad online
Hearing that Rashad’s happy with his life for once
Making out with an old boyfriend on my couch until 3 am
Flirting online with Sanford
Knowing that I don’t have to work tomorrow

I’m talking to tater, planning her day! :wink:

It’s snowing outside!

I have one more class before my Spring Break officially begins!

I get to sleep in today when I get off work!

I have friends that e-mail me and they are actual messages and not sappy glurge!

So far tonight not one person has died in the hospital and there have been no bad wrecks brought in either!