Things that make you go BA-ZING!

The time old “Ba-zing” or just straight “zing”! Maybes it’s the time honored “Hey-Yo!” or even a simple “You are correct Sirrrrr!”

What elicts the Ed McMahon response from you?
Christmas Eve, 2005.
Springfield Missouri
Grace Methodist Church service

The bread has been broken. It’s time for the consecration. Pastor says the following “Lord, You have come to us in the form of bread” and pauses. Then he turns to the person on his right, turns to the person on his. Looks to the congregation.

All the while during the long pause my brain is going “Wait for it… Wait for it… Here it comes!!!”

Pastor says “WONDERBREAD”

Girlfriend slaps me.
If it wasn’t church on Christmas Eve with my Grandmother (who by the way graduated in the same class as Bob Barker ) That man would have heard the most excited BA-ZING he has ever heard, come out of my mouth.

Analogue, have been drinking? Because I have, and this part:

still isn’t making any sense to me.

Bread of wonders, maybe? :confused: (Then again, I don’t go to church, so what do I know?) :slight_smile:

The bread is used as the symbol of Jesus’ body. “Take and eat this bread, for it is my body. Do this in remeberance of me”

Christians believe Jesus did some wonderful things …wonder bread

ahh, nevermind. Maybe I am the only person the pastor, who thought he was being cute

Ah. Thanks for the explanation, Analogue Skywalker (cool username, BTW). And sorry for lousing up your thread.

Your pastor has a great sense of humour, by the sounds of it. Don’t let him exit, stage right, just yet, will you? :slight_smile:

Thanks , Its the name I DJ under.

I don’t go to church. I went out of respect for my Grandmother, who I am sure did not find the hilarity of wonderbread as much as I.

The pastor also had someone Heisman stiff arm down a loaf of bread to my girlfriend, who was the only one who raised their hand when asked if there was anyone that had never been to the church before.

Now, a loaf of bread. Instead of a football, on a sunday morning! That is comedy gold!

I’ll just louse up your next thread. We’ll call it even.


Well I got it. And may I say… :smiley: !

Ah, church zingers - gotta love 'em. My pastor does it pretty often too.

I wonder if in the big churchs, they have the “funny people” on call for as spiritual comedy writers