Things that should be removed from food before serving

Having just bitten into a cardamom seed pod from some leftover chicken saag, I felt compelled to start a list of Things That Should Be Removed from Food Before Serving:

  • cardamom seed pods
  • whole bay leaves
  • fish bones


I once got the plastic pop-up thermometer in my turkey dinner. That was so not cool.

Whole peppercorns. My mom used to put them in stew.

That bag o’ innards from a turkey.

My ex once put a steak under the broiler with that litle kotex pad still attached to the bottom.

The mistake was realized upon flipping.

Every last shred of silk from corn on the cob. If I wanted the sensation of having long fine hairs in my mouth, I’d perform oral on an East Asian.

bouquet garni
cinnamon sticks

Personally, I don’t mind finding cardamon pods, but I really dislike finding whole cloves.

Lead, bismuth, and/or steel

You mean to the underneath?

The bottom of the underneath. :wink:

Turds from shrimp. Un-deveined shrimp is just oogy.

Not just the “vein” - take the dam’ tails, too!

At least when you put them in a ‘saucy’ type dish. I won’t order seafood pasta dishes any more because of too many dinners spent fishing alfredo-covered shrimp out of linguine in order to take the tails off.

the collar from the stir-fry :eek:

The little stickers on bell peppers. (Mom left one on the red pepper she used in the baked beans. I found the cooked sticker.)

The census-taker’s clothing.


Cottage cheese.

Clam shells, most types of fur, plastic shrink wrap.

I put slices of mozzarella cheese in my lasagna. Once I neglected to remove some of those little thin pieces of paper that are used to separate cheese slices. It made for an entertaining meal, watching people try to eat around the layer of paper.

fish bones
fish skin
fish heads