Things today that have pissed me off

  1. People who are chronically late. At a meeting at school the person I am supposed to meet was late. Once would be OK, but every single time she is late and then hurrries me through my appointment because she has others. I was there on time ! I am always there on time ! I hate when people are late !

  2. Paying for air. The tires on my car are low, so I stopped at a gas station to put air into them, only to find out They charge for air ! 50 cents. The air dosen’t cost them anything and I doubt the the electricity the pump uses is actually 50 cents worth.

  3. Shitty drivers. I was behind someone who obviously shouldn’t be allowed to drive. He was driving at 35 mph on a 55 mph road and once we got into town and the speed limit dropped to 25 he slowed down to a unbelievably slow 15. When we left town, he was back to 35 but actually stopping every ten minutes to look at birds and trees, not pulling over, just stopping in the middle of the road. When he got to the road he needed to turn at, he used no blinker, just came to a complete stop in the road and then turned.

For now, that is all.:mad:

I’m sorry to hear that, Dragongirl! I have those kinds of days A LOT. I hope tomorrow goes better for you. :slight_smile:

Take solace in the fact that they will someday have their flesh burned from their bodies in an eternal torment that will last them until the end of time.

[sub]Well, that’s how it works in my dreams, anyway…[/sub]


I read a comedy magazine once that suggested next time you get charged for air at a gas station, you charge them 10p for every breath you take while waiting to pay or talking to the attendant.

My main hate at the moment is the trains, however. It just seems incredible to me that they manage to screw something up each and everyday! I seriously haven’t caught a train that’s been on time for about 3 months. It’s either no driver, a fire at a station (twice last week) or just a plain old “screw you, we’ve cancelled it”. Bastards! Hire more staff from the “Homes” you must usually get them from!

K, I’m done now :smiley:

So, I started this yesterday and now it 7:30 Am and already today I’m pissed off.

My stupid bitch of a neighbor, thinks her daughter is a perfect child in every way. In reality the kid is a snot-nosed, spoiled brat. My 2 children and her brat sit next to each other on the bus, and sometimes they all bicker, like kids do, but her daughter is nasty and bossy, constantly telling my daughter what to do and insulting her. My son, who is older then the 2 girls, stood up for my daughter and told the brat, if she didn’t knock it off, he would talk to the principal about it. Apparently, the brat went home to tell her mom about it. The next day the mom bitched at me because my son upset her brat, I told the mom the side of the story I got and her response was to tell her brat to just tell Josh to shut up !

Now, I will be the first to admit that my kids are not perfect, the do misbehave sometimes, but even when they do something wrong they tell me about it. So, I believe their story and I’ve seen this brat in action, and know what she is. My kids have spoken the the brat and the mom, I’ve spoken the the brat and the mom, but I guess that I’m compleatly wrong here, and her child is perfect and couldn’t possibly be capable of hurting anyone elses feelings or bossing everyone around, since her mom told me so !

Is there any chance you could post daily updates? I’m not sorry to hear it. This is good stuff.

The really sad thing here is that I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not.

Be nice to the brat and her mom. That brat will probably be your daughter-in-law some day. D::R

Oh, I really hope my son has better taste then that.

I get that a lot.

Today I’m pissed that I can’t dump a cup of boiling coffee in my cow-orker’s lap without some pesky repercussions.

Anyway it really is good stuff. Daily good. Cross my heart. Don’t be really sad; I couldn’t bear it.

Things today that have pissed ME off:

Clueless tourists stopping at the foot of the Metro escalator, so that everyone gets backed up and comes within six inches of being pushed off the platform.

My idiot cow-orker trying to “fiddle” with his brand new iPaQ so that it would sync with his email. Apparently said fiddling was best accomplished with the batteries still in it and using an unshielded pair of scissors. Big flash, big boom, lots of nasty smoke as the power source vented itself onto the mobo, slagging it completely. And he’s a project manager in IT.

That is all. Further bulletins as events warrant.

I’m a bit behind…last night, I was pissed that a portion of the Beltway was closed, and apparently all the diverted traffic decided to take my route home, making my 4.3-mile commute take 1 hour and 8 minutes to complete. Not that it was their fault. sigh

Today I’m pissed off at myself, for being so messed up in the head.


Clueless tourists stopping at the foot of the Metro escalator, so that everyone gets backed up and comes within six inches of being pushed off the platform.


Hoo boy, don’t get me started on bloody Metro.

People who stand right in front of the door when people are trying to get on/off really piss me off. Move the fuck outta the way, Bozo!

Clueless tourists who stand on the left also piss me off. You’re blocking the damn escalator for people who have places to go, dammit.

I also have a hacking cough right now, thanks to a nasty case of the flu that I’m still getting over a week later. Thanks a lot, worthless flu shot I got last December! What’s the point of a flu immunization shot if it doesn’t immunize you against the damned flu???