Things you did to keep your sanity the last couple of days...

Mock me if you want but I have slept the last few nights holding my kitten.

I’ve also smoked heavily and spent endless hours in chat, anything to lift my spirits.
So, what have you done?

I stopped watching tv (a little PBS coverage).

Called my mom in SC., friend in Chicago, sister in Milw, emailed my cousin in Brooklyn(who was on the runway @ LaGuardia going to DC when they were shut down).

Got off my butt and went for a bike ride last night. I saw people playing basketball, walking their kids, walking their dogs. It made me realize things will get back to normal, sometime, for most of us. Then I looked up and really looked at the sun and the clouds, haven’t done that in a while. It was beautiful. :slight_smile:

Well I’ve been chatting with you. :slight_smile: I’ve also turned off my television and fired up CD’s of relaxing chants or stirring classical music. I’ve played video games where I’m the hero and can actually beat the bad guy. And I’ve eaten a lot of comfort food.

I went out last night to watch my husband perform (his acoustic guitar show). That always makes me feel good. I had a whole new appreciation for hearing his beautiful voice and seeing his boyish smile.

I also played some Sims, which is always a great diversion for me. I am making a combo casino/dance club/restaurant.

My school semester started, so I finished buying my books and checked in to my classes and am getting aquainted.


Too many cigarettes, too much coffee.

Desperately trying to find something to laugh about. Last night I laughed for 20 minutes because the vet’s assistant made sure that she underlined the word “orally” on the cat’s worming medication administration instructions. What did she think I was gonna do, squirt the stuff up his butt? Between that and the fart noise contest I had with my 8 year old son (he won), I’m starting to feel a little more like myself.

I can’t yet turn off MSNBC, though.

I’ve listened to alot of music, consumed quite a bit of French vanilla ice cream, and tried to focus on my shcoolwork as best I could.

Comfort food–a malt, eight mallow creme pumpkins.

I cry when I need to. Smoke more than I should–which is at all, I know, I know. Keep up with classes–even reading ahead when I can. Went for walks with Number-One-Son. Went out and bought a flag and put it up.

I haven’t been trying to distract myself as much as just trying to take the time to enjoy the things I do and keep them in perspective. And educating myself about what’s going on also feels empowering to some small degree.

Of course, I’ve become totally dependent upon all of you and your intelligence, eloquence, spirit and resolve. That’s probably the biggest help.

I’ve eaten like a starving wolf. I’ll weigh myself next week or so, and deal with it then… right now, whether I have a fat ass or not is far, far down on the list of important things.

I painted my living room. I hate the new color, so I’m going to sponge over it to change the shade. Moving the furniture seems to help with the excess energy.

Mr. Seawitch and I have been irritable with each other. We also spend every moment together hanging on like a pair of mating squid (even while asleep).

I ate some more.

I daydreamed about being a superhero who prevented the whole thing, which only depressed me, so I stopped thinking about that. I went to work instead.

I went to the 7-11 for more cigarettes, and yelled at a couple of cavemen who were threatening the Arab owner. Americans don’t act like that, which is what makes us different. Assholes. Then I waited around for the cops so I could help describe them.

I went home and ate. Then I painted the kitchen. And now I’m at work, and I still feel like I need something to do. I guess I’m gonna eat.

I’ve gone to the park with Cranky Jr to watch him and other kids run around happy and cheerful.

Watched a movie that I knew would make me cry so I could get some of it out of me.

Had a meeting with some friends this morning where we joked, laughed, teased each other, and kept talk about this mess to a minimum.

Drums Drums Drums…great for stress relief and creative anger management. I also smoked too much (still do) and sucked down a couple extra cold ones. Beer always knows exactly what to say :slight_smile:
I also thought a whole lot about my girlfriend in DC (I’m in Richmond) and her father, who is a commercial pilot. Thank god he was not flying that day. I’ve just thought about how lucky I am to have what I have, and how proud this country has made me.

Played pool some. Played with my dogs. We have 2 husky mixes that we got from the pound and they are always good for a cheer. Listening to Diefenbaker beg for a cookie is hilarious. She has all these different vocalizations and she just strings 'em together like a song or like playing scales. I’ve got to tape that some day. Unfortunately, my alcoholic wife has chosen this week to go on another bender (unrelated to the WTC thing, she started before it happened) that lasted all week and makes the home much less of a sanctuary. :frowning:
Not a good week for sure but I managed to get a few good moments. I keep a pepertually hopeful outlook and I’m confident things will get better for all of us.

I’ve tried to do all the things I normally do. Go to work, Read, Post to inconsequential threads, normal everyday stuff. I haven’t been able to post about my feelings yet because I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I’ve caught myself yelling at my wife when we tried to talk about the news at home, and that’s not normal.
We did put out a flag on the porch.
I’m going to my MIL’s house to build her a deck tomorrow. It’ll be good to pound the heck out of a bunch of nails.
I don’t know what else to do.

Cleaned, cried and cooked.

I’m in the travel business, so I can’t excape from it, even at work. Even lost an acquaintance in the plane the hit the Pentagon.

But, TheOtherOne, I’m with you…

…drums, Drums, DRUMS

I’ve broken a few sticks on my Rogers kit the past few days. Bruised my hands on my djembe and doumbek. Nearly tore a fingernail completely off when I went a little
Going to a drum circle tonight, too.

It’s great therapy.

…oh yeah…
and I’ve hugged GrzzWife and GrizzCub (he’s eleven months old!)…

…A LOT!..

Pretty much lived at the keyboard. I’m co-writing a couple of stories with other people just to keep ourselves occupied.

I talked to friends in OKC for hours yesterday and then went down to help put boxes and boxes of teddy bears together to send to the children of victims in NY. Tomorrow we’ll do more for NY and for DC.

Hugged my kids. Alot. Watched cartoons with my son. Played on NeoPets with both kids.

Beer, cats, chat, and Vergil.

Smoked, far too much and far too often. Prayed a lot too. And tried to get back into work, to make things seem normal, even when I keep breaking down inside.

At work, we’ve redone the schedule for the next two months-it previously involved a lot of travel to NY and overseas. We’ll get back into that, but right now, none of us want to make long flights like that.

Tried to keep myself from throwing up at times. And when I’m alone, I cry.

I couldn’t be more upset about this tragedy. I’ve decided to stop watching so much tv. It makes me so upset. I just sit there and cry. Not to sound too self centered, but I’ve also had some serious problems with my SO. It’s just a terrible combination of events. I can’t eat or sleep or study. I’ve done a lot of praying. I’ve done a lot of cleaning- it’s mind numbing and I guess that’s what I need right now. SD has kept me going. I think I’ve posted more in the last week than any other time since I’ve been a member.

I’ve tried to help where I could…

I’ve only watched a bit on the TV, and tried to avoid the most gory bits…

Fought ignorance where possible, both here and at work…

…but the most effective thing was probably taking my kids out for ice cream last night. My small, suburban town has posted flags along all of the main streets’ telephone poles. The flags at the war veterans memorial are all at half mast. It’s sad but strangely inspirational. But there is nothing like watching my kids wolf down some softserve DQ cones to forget about the worries and woes of the world. You just have to smile then.