Things you don't enjoy anymore

Driving At times I dread having to get into the car. I feel trapped inside and want to hurry and get out as soon as possible. If others drive I have no problems. I do not find it to be a pleasant experience at all. In fact if I could I would not even own one, but unfortunately that is not really an option right now.

Movies I find I am getting tired of hyped up movies and constantly being left disappointed. I think the last movie I saw was the most recent Star Wars. I usually say I will rent them when they come out, but rarely do. This weekend I got Laurel and Hardy in Sons of the Desert from the library and laughed out loud more than in any recent movie I have seen lately. If a group goes, I’ll go and have fun, but now they are not that high on my list of things to do.

Malls As a kid, and teen they were cool, everything you could want was there, girls, music, girls, Spencers Gifts, girls and pizza. Now I avoid malls as much as possible. It has probably been well over a year since I was last in one.

Fast Food Restaurants As a kid McDonalds was always a bit of a treat, now I can’t stand those places. I guess the subway is the only one I have visited lately, but that is the rare times when I go out to lunch with co-workers. The food is probably a little better, but I do not stop by on my own.

Porn The current stuff out there is more of a turn off to me because of the emphasis on excessive close ups, long dull scenes and surgically enhanced parts. For me porn died in the early eighties.

Same here, with all of those things, with the exception of movies. I still like a good movie. Even a bad movie is okay for a temporary distraction. And if it’s too bad to be enjoyable, you can always stop watching it.

The Christmas season is another one for me. The month and a half leading up to the holiday used to be so exciting. Now it’s about the most stressful time of the year. You have all these things to get done, which makes you put off other things “until the new year, when I’m gonna really get it together, by jingo!” so your life basically falls apart. Not to mention that the daylight hours are getting shorter, so you have even less time, plus the weather is getting worse every day… shitty, shitty time of the year. Christmas Eve is nice, and Christmas morning is okay, but the rest of the season can go fuck as far as I’m concerned.

Comic books. I used to read the hell out of comics. I had the biggest comic book collection out of everybody I knew. Then the art started changing, the stories seemed to have less substance to them, the prices started going up, and the writers started doing screwy things with people going back and forth in time and in and out of alternate realities. So I let my subscriptions run out and I stopping going to the comic book stores. Recently I saw some comics that looked kind of interesting, but after a decade or so without really following anything it would be pretty difficult to figure out what was going on with all the different characters . . . sort of like trying to figure out a soap opera after a ten-year break, I guess.

I don’t really like porn much anymore, either. I don’t know why, I just don’t. In part, I guess it’s because of the reasons Zap_Rowsdower mentioned (although I don’t always mind surgically enhanced parts). Maybe it’s because I’ve studied pornography a little for school–there’s nothing to wreck a love for something like having to write papers about it. Maybe I’ve become jaded. shrug Most porn’s just boring to me now.

Video games have become boring to me as well, and I can’t imagine actually going to an arcade.

Sweets. Especially chocolate. I just don’t crave that often nowadays.

Couple of other things I just thought of"

Professional Sports When I was younger up through college I enjoyed sports, mainly baseball and football. As I got older I became less interested in them. Then they started going on strike, whining for/demanding more money and moving teams because the city would not build new stadiums. Now I do not watch any sports on TV, including college, Olympics etc. I much prefer going outside on my bicycle, walking or stay in and read.

I agree with chocolate. I never was a big fan, but now would not mind if it suddenly disapeard forever.

Christmas and most holidays in general X-mas for the reasons above, other holidays because they are just excuses to have long weekends, like Memorial Day, Presidents Day etc. The reasons for them are virtually ignored.

I have to agree with Malls. I liked them as a teen, now it baffles me that people shop there.

Horror fiction. I used to read it voraciously when I was a child/teen. But somewhere along there was too much real pain and unhappiness for me to want to read about it.

Going to see bands play live. In my early 20s I went to see live music 2 or 3 times a week. Now it’s rare if I see 3 or 4 concerts in a year.

Going to work. I’ve done the Monday-Friday thing for years and I’m bored with it now. Can we find another game to play, please?

Flying. It’s still fun, but now that I am turning it into a job, I don’t look forward to it as much.

Reminds me of Tom Sawyer and the whitewashed fence: “Work is what a body is obliged to do…

Ditto on pro sports, as of about ten greed and hype filled years ago. Also, rock music. I can enjoy it briefly if it’s been a few months since I’ve listened, but with my current neighbors, that ain’t gonna happen.

Stephen King Novels - I remember the excitement of hearing my favourite author was releasing a new novel, I’d be at the bookstore first day release. Now, I wait for the paperback, and then I’m not thrilled with his writing, don’t know whether it’s my reading interests have changed or his writing…but it’s not the same.

Christmas - Holds no appeal to me whatsoever anymore, I’d rather find myself on a beach with a cold drink, wishing everyone a merry christmas by phone.

Movies - I still enjoy good movies, but with the price of a movie $12.50 here, not incuding popcorn and drink, commercials, noise, I’d rather stay home in pj’s with a video.

3 or 4 concerts in a year sounds like a lot to me :confused:

I see a concert once every 5 years or so. And I really like them! (Who can afford it, though??)


I liked them a lot as a kid, but don’t anymore.

Not because of old age approaching rapidly :slight_smile:
but because they make me feel like I am under some obligation to invite my friends, who in turn are under obligation of getting me a present.

I know I could just not celebrate my birthday or tell everybody not to bring a present but that brings up other problems like:
Will people be offended who invited me for their birthday?
Will somebody bring a present anyway hence making all others feel bad?

Anyway, it makes me feel forced and stressed out, unlike the bubbly feeling in my stomach I had as a kid, looking forward to cake, presents and birthday party.

Getting High
Seems so cool when i get blunt and listen to music but then i burn out, get a headache and sit like a mute dumb animal for hours.

So, so depressing. I would trully rather masturbate.

Most of my friends.
Have sold out and gone suburban, have a kid and a shackle on their finger and now work to pay the mortgage, drive an SUV. Or, they are just as lost and clueless as me and we just bring each other down.

I am so behind in movies and have no real interest in catching up.

Used to love meeting someone and having that cool new feeling of a relationship. Now it just seems exhausting.

Candy and Little Debbies

I agree with almost everything that has been posted…but CHOCOLATE??? I find as I grow older I only appreciate it more and more!

You all have anhedonia, and suffer from mild dysthimia.
(I used to love cooking, but now it’s just a chore)

Going to the mall- It took forever to get a real shopping mall in my area and it was 1988 before we finally had one (I was 18 at the time). Everyone was excited that we finally had a cool mall with lots of neat stores. I used to enjoy going there for the whole experience (people-watching, the wide variety of food, the specialty shops, going from store to store while indoors, etc.) I don’t know if its advancing age or what, but nowadays I only go there if I know a specific store has something I need or want. I don’t like the crowds and the hordes of giggly, obnoxious teenagers.

Arcade video games- I enjoyed video games in the 1980’s much more, back when we had Pac-Man, Centipede, Galaga, etc. Today’s games are mostly kick-the-crap-out-of-your-opponent type games. Also, once I got good at a game I liked I could waste away a Saturday at the arcade on less than five dollars. Nowadays one has to keep pumping quarters into a game to keep it going for more than a few minutes.

The winter season- It’s not me that’s changed, but the season itself has changed around here in recent years. I like a good, cold winter with plenty of snow (I hear you folks back east saying, “Snow? You want SNOW?! Well come and get it, we got plenty!”) This hasn’t been the case here for awhile. All the winter is now is just one, long drab boring lifeless season, an extension of the latter part of fall. The sight of snow brings some excitement to the otherwise brown-gray landscape, and it invites one to go out and build snowmen and have all kinds of childish fun. If I were a kid today I’d be terribly disappointed.

The radio- I used to enjoy turning on the radio hoping to hear something new and exciting or hearing a long-time favorite. Nowadays all the new stuff that I originally like when it comes out gets played to death over and over and then I start to hate it. Some of the classic rock music that I once enjoyed is starting to wear on me now, too.

Street Fighter 2.

Not since high school at least.

Ooh. Video games. Definitely. I can’t play them like I used to. I used to be able to spend hours and hours playing Pac-Man and the like. This new-fangled stuff just isn’t the same for me. (And I’m only 29!)

Work. Well, this job in particular. I thought it would be interesting to work in a psychiatric hospital, and it was for quite a while. But the episodes in the hallway outside my office are becoming tiresome. I don’t like being stuck in my office while they try to subdue someone in the hallway. I don’t know how the counselors down the hall put up with it, but I’m glad they can.

Television. I used to be a sitcom junkie, and I have basically whittled away most of the stuff I ever used to watch. The only thing that I will sit and watch is “Six Feet Under” and “The Sopranos”, and an occasional episode of wrestling. (Yeah, I know, what a combo.) I have no desire to watch reality tv, schlocky sitcoms, or the news. Television holds no power over me any more. (Which I guess is good, but hampers the water-cooler conversations at work.)

Going out drinking. It used to be fun to hang out with my friends, have a few beers, and chill out. I have no desire to drink, and it’s not fun watching my friends get sloshed. I can take the occasional night out, but this ‘every weekend’ crap just bores me to tears.