Things You Look Forward To That Always Disappoint

Baths. I always think that a long hot bath will be sheer bliss, that I will stretch out in hot soapy water, maybe with a book and slip into a sort of ecstatic trance that will only end when the water gets cold, but ten minutes in and I’m wrinkly, bored and clean and it’s time to hop out. I like the idea of a long hot luxurious bath just fine, but the reality invariably lets me down. What do you look forward to but are always disappointed by?

Crap, I coulda sworn I put that in IMHO :frowning:


Well since you didn’t, I’ll give a Cafe Society answer: Wes Anderson movies. They always look so good in previews and I always feel like I should love them, but most of the time when I’m actually watching them I have a sinking feeling that I’m observing nothing but a beautifully executed missed opportunity.

Since this is in Cafe, then when a favorite novel is made into a movie. My last disappointment? winter’s Tale! What a crapburger.:frowning:


My bath complaint is that I picture myself Dagwood-ing out in the tub but the overflow drain in my tub is low enough that I can barely cover my legs and hips with water. Slouching down just raises the water level and makes the problem worse. So unless I jury rig something to block up the overflow drain, it’s never actually a satisfying soak even under the best of conditions.

It’s sort of Cafe since it’s a beverage related… flavored beers.

I don’t always look forward to them but sometimes there’s a combination that sounds so promising and interesting. I won’t say they always disappoint completely either. They usually underwhelm if not disappoint though. Pete’s Wicked Maple Porter still is one of my most reviled beers if not the worst beer I have ever tasted.

Mother’s Day. For some reason, I fantasize about getting a good old-fashioned corsage. An orchid! I will get dressed up and put on my corsage, and they will drive me to a good old-fashioned Sunday mother’s day brunch at a big fancy hotel, with an ice sculpture of a swan. All you can eat shrimp, and champagne, or mimosas, and eggs benedict. The good stuff! Then I will be driven back home, change into something comfy, and open a couple of nice presents. A pretty scarf, a modest but elegant piece of jewelry, maybe a framed family picture. Some nice cards. Then - take the rest of the day off! Take a long nap, and pizza later for those who want it…This never happens. I am lucky to get a card. Otherwise, it’s just another day. … I don’t care, really, I hate ‘holidays’ real and made up, but just once it would be nice to live the cliche. (like having a big family Thanksgiving, or little kids waiting for Santa, or a corny cliched Valentines Day with me in a red velvet dress waiting for my sweetheart to show up.)

Going to the Fair. I liken it to a one-night stand… something that sounds great in the moment but in reality leaves you feeling sticky, a bit queasy, rubbed the wrong way and wondering why you bothered.

Days off. Most weeks I work 5 days a week, see my dad on one of my days off and my sister on the other. I constantly think how great a whole day to myself would be but when I actually get one I never do aything with it.

Berr is one of those things where the formula was perfected centuries ago and any attempts to improve it by adding stuff only makes it worse. Every couple of years, presumably to try and tap into an imaginary female demographic who supposedly want beer and fruity girl drinks, breweries here decide that adding citrus to beer will be a surefire summer hit, but it invariably tastes like cold washing up water with a lemon squeezed in.

Could be worse. I’ve seen “banana bread beer”. Pumpkin spice beer. Blueberry beer. Some is not that bad, really, but more of a novelty than anything else. I can’t blame the makers of beer for trying to keep up peoples interest in beer, always the same old same old.

So it’s like beer with lemon. What’s the problem?

Pizza Hut delivery.

Pizza Hut is pretty good, in its own way. But it’s much better in the dining room, in their lovely hot deep dish pans.

Once it’s, like, 5 minutes out of that pan…no longer delicious.

The beach. Its always hot, sand everywhere, simple comforts like chairs and shade are always in short supply. The beer gets warm, pizza cold. Its all the hassle of nature plus the crowd of a train station.

Walking through the park. I have taken to listening to podcasts as I walk, which occupies my brain and entertains, while enjoying the sunny day and the pseudo-nature of a public park.

But then I notice the garbage that’s been dumped in the creek or is littering the fence line, and the dog crap at the side of the path, and the grass dying off in the heat, and the idiot cyclists who are coming up from behind without warning, and the lack of bench seats that are in the shade or even in convenient locations, and then I just get annoyed and head back home again.

Circus Peanuts. Every few years I get a craving, and buy some. The very first one I put in my mouth, I’m reminded of how vile they are. So I wind up giving them to the cats, to play hockey with. At least they have the good sense not to eat them.

Ever try Früli? It is a Belgian wheat beer, blended with strawberries. Delicious and aromatic, a fantastic beer to pair with dessert.

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