Things you used to be able to do

Today I’ve been going through some old boxes of stuff to try and clean a bit, and came across a notebook from a calc III class I took a few years ago. Looking through it, I realised I used to be able to do some cool math stuff, and the ability has long since left. I’ve even forgotten what many of the symbols mean.
What cool stuff did you used to be able to do?

lean over backwards and lower myself to the floor from a standing position.

and reverse back into upright again.

in high heels.
damn! i need to take up bellydancing again. there’s certainly enough here to do a solo duet. (belly, that is.)

Such a long list…

I used to be able to run.
I used to be able to swim a quarter of a mile without tiring.

I used to be able to run 2-3 miles without stopping.
I used to be able to do chin-ups.
I used to be able to be able to suck my own penis. (Not that I did so often.)
I used to be able to do pushups with someone sitting on my shoulders.
I used to be able to do pushups.
I used to speak Spanish well enough to carry on a conversation.
I used to not care a whole lot about meeting women (I assume) like lachesis. :wink:


if the “assume” means you’re not positive i’m a woman, well, yes, yes i am.

(how many guys do you know that do bellydancing backbends in high heels, anyway?)

Hmmm… why even bother meeting women? :wink:
I used to be able to:

[li]Play every day from about 3-6 pm[/li][li]Play every day for a week during spring break[/li][li]Play every day for 3 months in the summer[/li][li]Play every day for about 3 weeks in the winter[/li][/ul]

I usedtocould get out of my recliner quietly.

Jump high enough to get my wrist above the rim of a basketball goal.

I used to be able to hit a B over high-C (or would that be a high-B?) on the trumpet. I used to be able to play the trumpet.

I used to be able to:

[li] speak Spanish fluently[/li][li] do a lot of math stuff (never got to Calculus, though)[/li][li] play the guitar[/li][li] bend over and touch my toes without bending my knees[/li][li] read without glasses (but I got glasses when I was six years old)[/li][li] eat spicy foods without getting heartburn[/li][li] eat damn near anything I wanted without worrying about gaining weight (aside from weight gains resulting from growing up)[/li][/ul]

On the SDMB, it’s never safe to assume these things. You should know that by now!

I really don’t care to meet many backbending, belly-dancing men in high heels. But there are far, far too few such women in my life. :smiley:

I used to be able to hit B over high C vocally (Queen of the Night Aria, anyone?)

<<sigh>> Now I’m good to hit the high G’s in the Hallelujah Chorus.

Well, I can’t do it now. Too fat.

I used to be able to function impeccably on an hour and a half of sleep after a bottle of tequila

I used to be able to remember a phone number or address after only hearing it once

I used to have more patience with stupid shit people in the world throw at me

I used to be able to run 5 miles and think it was a so-so work out

-I used to be able to run 3 miles well under 16 minutes.

-I used to be able to say “no” to beer.

-I used to be able to complete a 25 mile hump with relative ease.

-Rollerskate…in REAL rollerskates,with two wheels on each side of the boot instead of all four in a single line (like inlines).
-Ride a bike…can’t anymore
-Jump rope
-Do cartwheels and roundoffs

I’m happy to say that I can still do most things. The only one that I have lost is the ability to do a back somersault.

I learned it a few years ago after much work, and several near death experiences. Tumbling has never been easy for me, but I did eventually get it.

Then one day I was practicing, and threw a bad one. I landed on my stomach and knocked the wind out of myself. Also hit my chin. From then on I lost my nerve.

I still remember so clearly the best one I ever did. I ended up standing as if I’d been there all day, then I ran up and hugged my friend who had coached me. Wish I could still do that.

I used to be able to sit on the floor and get up without making the “uff” noise and hearing crackling/crunching sounds.

I used to be able to do most yoga postures without falling over or hearing funny noises from body parts.

I used to be able to drive without fear of the other idiots on the road. After one accident that involved bodily injury (mine), I have turned chickenshit.

I used to put up with a lot more shit from people than I do now.

I used to be able to, “Fight all day and fuck all night.” On the plus side though, now I can roll considerably faster than I can run.

I used to be able to look at a plant and not only know it’s common name, but rattle off the Latin name, too. Now I look at a plant and I’m lucky if I can remember it’s common name. I think it became a case of plant overload.