Things you wonder. Please post them.

I wonder what I would do if I had the chance to hack into my brain and change stuff.

As a Male I wonder what it feels like to be female or gay and fancy men.

I wonder what you would see if you could be sent to one of the planets or satelites of the solar system in a life-supporting globe of transparent material.

I wonder what it feels like to be someone else (particularly someone with opposing views to the person I currently am in the hope of understanding why they hold those views)

I wonder what programme I would write if I had the motivation and skill to write any computer program.

I wonder what the hell are some people thinking? :confused:

I wonder why my cats French kiss.

I wonder why husband walks around in just his underwear in 30 degree weather.

I wonder why broccoli, which tastes bad is very good for you while milk chocolate, which tastes like the food of the gods, is very bad for you. Do the gods have no taste?

I wonder why my neighbors and their three SUV’s apiece wonder why their kids have asthma.

I wonder how long I’ll be able to sit here and chat online with my boyfriend before I can absolutely wait no longer to get up and run to the bathroom. Yeah, probably TMI. :smiley:

I wonder what the heck is up with gatopescado’s “reason for editing”.

Ooooh! I know this one - interactive digital porn!

I wonder what ultraviolet actually looks like.

I wonder what the colours I see look like to other people.

I wonder whether dogs and cars and other mammals have self-awareness.

I wonder whether human consciousness is confined to a physical process in the brain, and, if so, whether the relevant features of that process can be copied into a sufficiently-powerful computer.

I wonder why I can’t delete certain message from my email program.

I wonder whether that cute curvy Latina woman I sometimes see at work is available for lunch. Because, damn, she’s attractive.

I wonder if Sunspace knows that cars aren’t mammals? :smiley:

I wonder what a male orgasm feels like.
I wonder why so many people seem so incapable of understanding that they cannot control anyone else’ actions or reactions – my children understood that by the time they were 3.
I wonder if some people actually enjoy butt sex or if they have just convinced themself that they do for some reason beyond my comprehension.

I wondered this very thing today.

I wonder what it was like for the first monkey in space.

I wonder how my Spanish sounds to native speakers.

I wonder whether or not I will ever actually become a mother.

I wonder if I hurt my cat’s feelings whenever I push him away.

I wonder how they measure nutritional content in foods. Like ‘‘fiber.’’ How does one measure ‘‘fiber’’ in a food, without breaking the food down into its principal components and putting them on little scales and measuring them?

My husband:
‘‘I wonder when my wife will get off the damn Straight Dope and spend some time with me.’’

I wonder how many other Doper spouses can relate. :smiley:

I wonder if we’ll ever get around to teleportation, like in Star Trek.

I wonder about the birthmark on my right cheek.

I wonder about ghosts, and strange-looking creatures, and how exactly to make cheesecake.

I wonder whether getting rid of the stove on my kitchen will upset people as much as mentioning the very idea does.

I wonder how we “progressed” from hunter-gatherers to the utterly screwed up system we have today. And I wonder why, even feeling this way, I wouldn’t be a hunter-gatherer for a million bucks.

I wonder how the loudest self-proclaimed christians are for the death penalty and against wellfare and universal health care.

I wonder what my great-grandparents would make of the internet, cell phones, MP3 players, and all the other techno-things that are integral to modern life.

I wonder if global-warming is human caused or natural (I believe the it’s former but sometimes think I may be wrong).

I wonder where the lions are… Sorry, thought I was Bruce Cockburn for a second.

I wonder what my life and my personality would be like if I’d been naturally thin and good-looking.

I wonder what my relationship with my mom’s parents would be if they lived long enough to know me.

I wonder if there is actually “love” for me the way I see other people have it, or if “love” for me is different.

I wonder if anyone I know is reading this message board.

I wonder why I went into the drive-thru at Tim Hortons today, ordered 1 coffee and 2 donuts, paid & was given my change and coffee, then left before they gave me the donuts.

I wonder whether my company is saving any money by barely heating the office and forcing us to run two portable heaters almost 24/7 to keep a tolerable temperature.

I wonder that thing about the colours all the time.


I wonder if animals know they’re going to die - whether when they defend themselves or migrate towards safer climates they are just blindly following instincts or actively avoiding death. Do they fear death? Can they cope? I hope they’re ok!

I wonder how it would feel to be male, or a gay person of either gender.

I wonder why so many U.S based online stores and eBay sellers won’t ship internationally. What is this about, the customer pays for the postage, how does it affect you where it ends up?

I wonder if I would feel better about the world if I were religious.

I wonder if I’m going to get any of the jobs I’m trying to get.

And just now I was wondering whether an email to Cafepress regarding the fact that I would buy a whole lot more stuff from them if they would just offer women’s clothing in a decent selection of colours like they do for men’s stuff would have enough effect to be worthwhile.

I wonder what my last thought will be before I die.

I wonder what the experience of death is like.

I wonder if there is something after death, even though all evidence points to: No.

I wonder what it’s like to be female, and experience those unique physiological differences.

I wonder what the future will be like at all intervals.

I wonder why something exists, rather than nothing at all.

I wonder how the universe came to be.

I wonder if there’s intelligent life else where, what they’re like, and what it would be like to try and communicate with them.

I wonder where they are, and what they’re doing right now.

I wonder why I’m me… and why I wasn’t born as someone else in a different time, or on a different world. In essence… what IS individuality?

I wonder if AI is possible.

I wonder if humanity will ever overcome our differences.

I wonder what makes some religious and some not.

I wonder why some people don’t wonder.

I’m a casual eBayer, with some experience shipping internationally. I’d guess that the biggest hurdle is that the forms required for customs declarations are pretty intimidating. Follow that up with many things that require certificates of country of origin for shipping overseas, and the small business owner, let alone the casual eBayer, will often decide that the hassle isn’t worth the money. Esp. if they have a standard S&H fee that doesn’t offer additional compensation for the time it takes to fill out all the crap. Forex, I’d ship comics internationally - but not old furniture simply because of the requirements for information I cannot provide: country of origin, species of wood, etc.

For the OP - I’d say I wonder if I’ll manage to outlive my mother.

I spend far too much time thinking about what I could have done differently to avoid where I am, now.

I often wonder that too.

I wonder what life would’ve been like if I was attractive to the opposite sex.

I wonder when I’m going to die.

I wonder what life will be like for people 100 years from now.

I wonder if humanity will survive another 1000 years.

I wonder if I’ll make it to 2009.