thirteen? (windows 3.11 game)

At least, I played it on Windows 3.11.

The game was a pyramid layout of cards, object of the game was to be rid of all the cards (much like Free Cell) by pairing up ‘free’ cards to equal thirteen.

What was it called? I’d like to see if it is still available and if I am crazy (it seemed that after I beat a few solutions easily it only gave me three or four “unwinnable” games over and over.

I’d do a search on it but I’ve never been able to specify the terms narrowly enough to get other than odd random useless results.

Anyone have an idea or am I alone in my delusion?

It was called Pyramid when I played it. I’m sure I still have it as part of a suite of PC card games somewhere … Came with Cruel, Freecell, etc.

It’s part of the Best of Entertainment pack that comes with many windows systems. It’s called Tut’s Tomb.

And regarding the three or four unwinable games, I’ve noticed the same thing.

Yeah, I’ve heard it called Tut’s Tomb! And it was in the shape of a pyramid …

Now I’ll have to go look for it for my palm pilot clone. :slight_smile:

Thanks, folks!