This aint the GQ board, is it?

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I come here to read about something, anything that’s going to amuse me or make me laugh. How many GQ questions do you see out there? All you dirt munchin’, sandle wearin’, tree huggin’, bunny kissers, get outta’ here! And someone post something that makes me laugh!

While we’re at it, is this the Pit?

Testing a link

Which of Cecil’s columns are you referring to?

While we’re at it, I’ve got a question about words that end in -gry…

I mean, is there really any good evidence against Creationism? If there is what what is it? And how does Velikowsky and Van Daanikan fit in?

Yeah, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas now. Suck it up.

Question authority–just not mine.

I’ve been to the pit, most of what’s there belongs in here.